Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sibling Rivalry

"Being his real brother I could feel I live in his shadows, but I never have and I do not now. I live in his glow.” ― Michael Morpurgo, Private Peaceful

My brother is visiting from Wyoming today and for the next couple of weeks. I need your prayers and good vibes that he spends time with Mom this visit, more time then he usually does on these visits. The time to spend time with Mom is now not when she is on her death bed like he did with my dad. I wish that as much for him as I do for Mom. I hate to see Mom's hurt when he doesn't spend much time with her. But I watched his hurt and guilt feelings when dad left this world and I don't want to see those again. I know he is in a difficult situation because the people that control his life seem to plan every moment for him and those moments don't include time with Mom. I do hope if I was married that I had enough backbone to stand up to my wife and just tell her, you do what you want, I need to go see Mom. So send me prayers and good thoughts that bro steps up to the plate and makes mom happy this visit.

On the agenda today is lunch with Mom and then making a casserole for dinner for her and the caregiver. I did so well with Mary's recipe that I am going to try one on my own. I am hoping for the same result, it with either kill them or thrill them. I am hoping it thrill's them.

First up is really a charming article. The foresight of these youngster really is amazing:

I wonder if astrology is going to be as good at predicting the future as those fifth graders were:

Next up I think is good news but I think I will wait awhile before changing that from think it is good news to knowing it is good news:

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News question of the day, who was Judge Philip B. Gilliam of Denver, Colorado speaking to when he said the words that went viral on the Internet.


Lady DR said...

Hon, you're not talking sibling rivalry here,you're talking sibling communication and personalities. I love my brother dearly, but the situation you describe is waaay to close to our situation... not visiting your mom, not spending time when he does visit and your remembrance of what he went through after your dad passed and he hadn't spent the time with him. Bro never did make it to AK to visit Daddy - he had reservations to come up three days after Daddy died. While A is a wonderful gal, she pretty well calls the shots and if they're going to travel, it's to see her mother. I shall send prayers and good thoughts your bro steps up to the plate, but also prayers and patience vibes for you, if he doesn't. Few of us, at our ages, are going to change our personalities or the way we act towards others. If, as I suspect, your bro is like mine, one of the issues is the discomfort involved in seeming Mom failing to any degree and dealing with it face to face for any period of time. My brother just isn't willing to face the fact Mom can't do what she used to do, has continuous health/pain/mobility issues, can no longer see, although he's quite willing to push the wheelchair and see her for short periods. He was in AZ for three days. In IL, we hardly saw him, except at visitation and the funeral and the meals afterwards and the day he came up to take her to Bloomington, while Deb took Rho and I to the airport the next day. That was the day we visited Daddy's grave, as Mom wanted Lake there. So... as I said in my book, people aren't likely to change, just because circumstances and situations do. Unfortunately. (Hugs)

Great story on the kids forecasting in 1995 and great video.

While I've studied astrology and know how conflicted my chart is, I'd say most of the issues raised apply to just about any of us. If you go with the "information" presented, you can take advantage of creative urges you've been ignoring, set your mind to a specific project and watch out for some of the negative aspects and nip them in the bud. Perspective is reality.

The Saudi city sounds interesting. I'm not sure I fully understand how it's to work, but if it provides the women with a degree of independence and an opportunity to use their talents and education, I'm all for it. One of the things I don't understand is the large number of female university graduates in a society that often forbids education for girls and doesn't allow adult females and males to mingle. Women-only colleges don't make sense, from what I've read about their education system and attitude.

Pat said...

Many hopes that bro visits with mom until she's sick of him. You're right about the timing and he should man up and do it in spite of what his "controllers" want.

Those kids really nailed it. They didn't get quite how MUCH the Net would be dominated by cats, but they hinted at it.

Sorry, I may be (certainly am) prejudiced here, but I wouldn't bother to read anything written by an "Astrologer and Lifescript Horoscope Expert." It's amazing what scams people can actually make money from.

Saudi Arabia is so staunchly mired in the 14th Century that it's hard to read anything there as more than a tiny baby step forward. At least when it refers to women.

William J. said...


It is almost frigtening that your situtation is almost identical to mine. Different actors, sane story. I also love my brother and would do anything for him, his wife not so much. That is kind of sad that your brother miss visiting your dad by three days. And you nailed it with the comment about my brother not wanting to see his parents decline. I just have to remember that old adage, you can't change others you can only change how you react to them. My brother isn't even willing to push the wheelchair.

I loved the kids' predictions and the video.

I also studied astrology and used to do charts. The detailed charts on actualyy fairly accurate. I read the daily versions just for fun.

You nailed why I am hesitant to endorse the project right away. I love the idea, I want to see the how it is going to be implemented.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

Thanks for the hopes Pat and I hope the same thing. I do hope bro mans up, I always thought he should have stood up to his wife a long time ago.

I think anyone that calls them an expert at anything astrology or otherwise are overstepping their bounds. I always laugh when soneone calls themselves a tax expert. Stay away from those folks. I like reading the astrology things for fun. The kind you get in the paper or online are just that fun. The extreme detailed charts are a different story.

You and DR both nailed why I am withholding judgment about the Saudi project.