Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Only The Good

We had a great time last night. It really worked well last night having the event at a restaurant. The Staff at Paddy's was great, parking was easy, and the food good. I sat next to Bill Ellis. Talk about humble. I've known the man over ten years and you know what I found out last night? He grew up with Roy Orbison and played drums in his band. I don't know about you but if I had ever played drums in Roy Orbison's band I'd be wearing the t-shirt and telling everyone I ran into. My brother had a great night. He is really isolated in Wyoming and it was so good for him to have a chance to interact with a bunch of men of different ages.
He may of even had a life changing experience, one that I can't say much about unit it comes true. He told me it was the highlight of his trip.

Since it was such a good night we are only doing good stories today.

There is no longer a Denny's near us. The one that was closest to us has been turned into a strip club. I really miss Denny's because of stories like this:

Let's hear if for a city employee:

Closing with the man that wanted to make a difference in a child's life and was willing to do whatever he had to:

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Pat said...

Way cool about the young woman picking up everyone's tab at Denny's! I'd love to know the backstory.

I would hope the guy who found the ring would get more than a free seat in art class. At least free seats forever, if he even wants to take art classes. I wonder if he does.

You have to admire the artist who'd sell his collection to help with a troubled adoption. And the guy who wanted to help by a lot of people maybe buying just one of his comics. To do it collectively and give them back to him is a wonderful idea!

Lady DR said...

Yea! on the great football night. I know you look forward to it each year. Yeah, I'd be wearing the t-shirt, too. And so glad Bro had a great night.

Great stories, Bill. Happy stories. Gosh, the young lady was really paying it forward. Good for her.

Good for the city employee, taking the time to dig through all the trash, in search of the wedding ring. Couldn't have been a lot of fun. I'm with Pat - I'd hope he gets more than one free lesson, particularly as it sounds like he enjoyed it.

I admire the Kesels for adopting the cocaine-addicted baby and I really admire them for doing an open adoption, given the situation. Who knows what the other family is like, given the drug addiction? That takes courage on their part, to be willing to include them in the baby's life and their own.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I've always wanted to something like the lady did at Denny's. I would also love to know the backstory of the woman.

The ring finder deserves a lot more than free art classes but it is a start.

What a perfect solution buy the comics and give them back to him. That woulod be just grand.


William J. said...


This year football night was a lot less work for me than the previous ones so it made it even better. Bro will be talking about this night forever.

One of these days I am going to pay it forward just like the young lady did.

That makes three of us that thinks the city employee should get more than a free art lesson.

The Kesels have to be a loving family and just how much luckier could that baby be to end up with them?