Friday, August 10, 2012


Looking forward to today and taking in a good movie! Today we are doing discoveries.

Before today's post I wanted to congratulate my friend Ted Runstein. The lawyer friend that is helping on my mom's case (which he got her out of) and the one that when I asked for help said "anything for you." Yesterday the Oregonian had an insert called "Super Lawyers" where they listed the top lawyers in Portland. It is quite an honor for a lawyer to be mentioned in it. Ted was listed in the practice area "Personal Injury: Plaintiff's Lawyer: General". In my book Teddy Tops should be listed in all catergories!

I also knew a few others that were mentioned. Dagmar who used to work for my brother was listed as a top Immigration lawyer. My friend Larry (I went to his wedding and he used to work for Ted) was named as a top tax lawyer. There were several others with ties to me but those are the ones with the closest ties that would accept my phone call if I called.

All the articles come to you today from The Huffington Post.

First up is a Captain, my Captain: Csec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D187336

Now is a place that is pretty cool:

To close we take a time trip back to ancient times.

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Pat said...

Well, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of (Captain Morgan's) rum! Cool discovery! I even watched the video, because they said it had "correspondingly epic music". Sigh. Hardly epic.

I had heard that about Antarctica. It's hard to believe, but then so much of science is hard to believe. It requires just as much faith as "Faith" does, except science is reproducible and provable.

I didn't go all the way through the list of 53 things we might lose after serious climate change. I was too depressed about coffee and peanut butter to continue.

Love the sculpture of the guy "guarding" the citadel. His expression is one of surprise and anxiety. I wonder what he was guarding it from to produce that look. Whatever it was, he also looks fairly determined.

Lady DR said...

Interesting info on Capt. Morgan and interesting video. I did know he was a real guy, but didn't realize anyone was delving for his history.

Given the reams of material and hours of research I did when working with Bob's manuscripts, I was well aware of various climatic changes over the millions of years. They can blame it on pollution or whatever but, historically, before cars and factories, there were such occurrences, when oceans faded and islands emerged and vice versa, when oceans swelled and entire land masses were deep underwater. Like Pat, I didn't look at all the things we might lose. Chocolate, peanut butter and coffee were enough. Seriously, I had to kind of twitch, as I recently edited a ms in which this is exactly what the author painted - Antarctica ice melted, major seaports were destroyed and the world decided to "settle" Antarctica as a new world to be inhabited and did a "land grab," by lottery, much like the old land rushes in the Old West.

I like the sculpture. Be interesting to see what else they find in the area and how they begin interpreting it.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The music didn't seem epic to me. Unlike DR I didn't even know that Captain Morgan was real.

Science and anything different that what we are used to are hard to believe. The discoveries them make always fascinates me.

I could go without peanut butter but my mom couldn't. Coffee, however, is another story.

Interesting that you picked up on the expression of the guard as I did too and thought the same exact thing.


William J. said...


I didn't know Capt. Morgan was a real guy so you were a step ahead of me.

Having Bob as a client sure taught you a lot! Chocolate and coffee were enough for me! How ironic that the author on your MS painted exactly what happened.

I will keep my eyes open for any updates on the sculpture story.