Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What To Do

What to do in an elevator:


What to do in an emergency:


What to do if you are lonely?


Speaking of kissing someone let's move on to the news question for the day. Who are Greta Friedman & George Mendonsa and what do the have to do with today? Why did CBS reunite them?

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Pat said...

I don't ride elevators much and never did in an office setting, except for the occasional visit where someone worked in a taller building than I did. All of their suggestions would be on my list, esp. cell phones. I am growing to hate those things except in emergencies, where they are invaluable. In general, when I do ride an elevator, mostly at doctors' offices, I find most people quite acceptable.

Good advice for emergencies there. And some preparedness advice that I should take to heart. Good advice also about dealing with loneliness. I am not prone to being lonely, but have most often experienced loneliness when trapped in a crowd. I'm more often the one who wishes everyone else would go away, so my comments on loneliness are probably worthless.

Lady DR said...

I don't ride elevators often and, when I do, there aren't often many people on them, but I can see where the annoyances would come into oplay.

Emergency advice is good and I need to pay more attention. We always kind of figured we were set for most emergencies, with the RV, but that's not longer true and I no longer have the "emergency" kits I had in FL for hurricanes and such (which covered just about any other contingency.

I think loneliness can come and go, but chronic lonely is something to be concerned about. Like Pat, I sometimes have experienced loneliness in the middle of crowds, yet been quite comfortable all alone in my home or other situations. Go figure.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I don't really like to ride elevators but here it seems everywhere I go I have to ride one. A lot of times with Mom in a wheelchair I have no choice. The one thing that always bothers me is people should let the people get off of the elevator before getting in. That is my main rule.

Like you I need to be better prepared for a disaster. Here an earthquake is the likely major disaster so I need to do an earthquake kit.

And you comments are never worthless. I learn something every time you post. I also am not prone to loneliness because I am used to be alone and prefer it. Like you and DR some of my lonliness is in a crowd.


William J. said...


Usually when I ride an elevator it is at both end of the spectrum, it is either me alone or crowded.

That makes three of us that need to pay more attention to the emergency advise. We are pretty safe in Portland then I suppose people thought they were safe at a movie theater. I am going to start putting together an emergency kit and look into taking CPR. Or update my CPR class.

That makes three of us that are lonely in a crowd. And you are right loneliness can come and go. The chronic lonliness is rare. I don't see it much.