Monday, August 27, 2012

Gullibility & Where Are They Now?

Monday a work day. Away from Mom's. Maybe a get together tonight at Mom's. Grover and his wife spent the afternoon with Mom yesterday. Then we all had pizza for dinner last night. The caregiver really worked hard putting everything together. It would be great if she worked that hard every day I'd be elated.
It was the second visit to Mom's by my brother since they have been here. They leave Wednesday morning.

We are going to skip the updates this week and will return to them next Sunday.

Are you gullible? What age were you or do you anticipate being the most gullible?

These Grannies sure aren't gullible. Fair warning the video has adult content. Not meant for children or the gullible.
Back to the astronauts. Where are the astronauts from the golden age now:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

But, but... I'm ancient and still not gullible. I guess maybe my prefrontal ventromedial area just hardened and refuses to go away. Or maybe... could I be gullible and not know it? The horror!

Let's hear it for the Raging Grannies! So there, Akins!

Our book group recently read PACKING FOR MARS, which is quite amusing. One comment the author made is that if you're only going to read one astronaut memento, read Mike Mullane's. I did. It's called RIDING ROCKETS and it's very, very interesting as to the mindset of these guys. And very funny, a lot of it. Highly recommended.

Lady DR said...

I know you were wishing Bro would spend more time with Mom, but I'm glad to hear he's at least been there a couple times and hope they'll make at last one more visit before they leave. Sigh.

I don't think I'm gullible. Actually, I think I've become more questioning and cynical at this point. Maybe too much so, in some cases. Much more likely to question risks in many cases.

Love the Grannies!

Interesting to see the current status of astronauts. I recognized several - Glenn, of course, Collins, my mind just went blank on the others. It may not be gullible, but sometimes it's not long term

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I'm pretty ancient and while I may be to trusting I don't think I am gullible.

The raging Grannies made me smile. It was well done.

Is that the book by Mary Roach? I searched it after you mentioned it and it go great reviews. I am going to read it. I also put RIDING ROCKETS on my list.


William J. said...


Grover was at Mom's Sunday with his wife and stayed for dinner. He spent Monday afternoon playing Scrabble with Mom and then everyone got together for dinner. So he did spend some time there. We have to take what we get.

I am with you, I am lot more cynical then I used to be. More questioning to.

I remembered most of the astronauts because of my work history. After the moon landing they offered me a job on The Columbia project but I turned it down because I wanted to get my CPA certificate and the fastest route to that goal then was to work for a Public Accounting firm.

The Grannies made me laugh, I was a little hesitant to share it because of the adult content.


Pat said...

Yes, PACKING FOR MARS is the one by Mary Roach, and RIDING ROCKETS is by Mike Mullane. They are very different from each other, but you'll probably like them both. The criticism I have of PACKING is that she has too darned many footnotes that could just as easily have been incorporated into the text. There's one on almost every page.

That "adult content" from the Grannies can probably be heard on any grammar school playground these days. Sigh.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The footnotes would drive me crz=azy but both books still interest me and I am pretty sure I will read them at some point.

I just try not to be to swear oriented on my blog.