Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hot Enough For You?

Last day at Mom's will get home a little before eight tonight. Then tomorrw is a me day! A good Friday.

I've said before that one of my favorite writes is USA Today cloumnis Craig Wilson. Love this piece by him about the weather:

I think the guy's underwear in the following story was hot enough.

Funny first, dumb second, charming third. I love the guy in the following article and would love to meet him. Be fun to sit down and talk to him:

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Pat said...

I didn't get anything on the first link. Second story was a little odd. I think I've seen advice to sterilize undies and kitchen sponges and things that might be somewhat contaminated in a microwave. I wonder how he had his set, probably super-high.

Good for the guy in the third article, and good for the researchers for trying a new approach. They sure haven't had much success with old approach so far.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I checked the link to the first story and it worked but just to be sure I re-did the link and tested it again so it should work now.

I would never microwave my undies just because it sounds so bizzare. I would find a better way to dry them and consider the heat everywhere hanging them outside would have done the trick.

I am glad the man in the third story is willing to leave his brain after he leaves. I think it sounds promising.


Lady DR said...

Power outage and Charter down last night.

Great stories. Wilson is right - after a certain point, "Hot enough for you?" becomes annoying.

I had no idea you cold set the house afire drying underwear (altho I've never tried it. Like Pat,I've seen the recommendations to sterilize kitchen sponges and the like in a microwave. Maybe he over did it?

Yes, it would be fun to meet and talk with Mr. Sell. I hadn't heard about the study they're doing, but I'm all for it. Based on Mr. Sell's story, living a good life with a positive attitude and lots of activity is one of the secrets to doing well as you age. And what sweet comments about his wife taking care of his physical stuff and him making up for her loss of memory.

William J. said...


Sorry you lost your power but am elated you have it back today!

I have had accidents with microwaves so I am careful and don't put anything but food in them. Of course the accidents aren't fires just a lot of sparks which I view as a warning.

I hadb't heard of Mr. Sell or the study until the article. They obviously had a beautiful marriage.