Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Blog Is Yours

A mild week last week, a busy week on the horizon. Last week: Sunday at Mom's. Monday The Bourne Legacy. Tuesday was attacking to do list. Wednesday and Thursday were at Mom's. Thursday was also lab tests. Friday was a new foot doctor and the move, Hope Springs. An adult comedy about marriage for adults. It had good acting and a good cast but the best part of the movie was the soundtrack. Great soundtrack and I will be buying it. Saturday was lunch at Mom's, shopping for a new computer, shopping for a new cell phone that will bring me to the twentieth century, and veggie out and watching the Dodger game. I also caught up on Top Chef Masters and Covert Affairs.

On the agenda this week is watching my niece's daughter play basketball. I'll work that around making lunch for Mom and dinner for Mom and the caregiver. Monday is more shopping, some lawn mowing, some weed killing, and hopefully some family get together that included Mom and my brother. Tuesday from one in the afternoon until Thursday at eight PM is at Mom's. Friday is getting ready for my football night on the 28TH. This year it is at a restaurant so my workload has decreased substantially this year. No making arrangements for food. Saturday is a me day.

Got any travel plans for Labor Day weekend? Closing update day with a suggestion:

The blog is now yours. Catch me up on your lives. Vent. Share joys. Cuss. Post anything you damn well please! off to Mom's.


Pat said...

I'd get lost in your schedule by about Day 3, I think. Good luck on that 'joining the 20th Century' part. I must try to do that one of these days.

What a very a propos series of suggestions in the article. My daughter just fulfilled her longtime wish for a ragtop Miata (it has a hardtop, too, which will probably never be used). Hers is 5 or 6 years old, looks brand new, and is a gorgeous midnight blue inside and outside.

Except for the Golden Gate bridge, which I'm sure she's already done a few times, since she lives in that area, I doubt she'll get to these drives. The one she'd proably like the best is the "Aloha Loop", but that might have some problems. [g] She might get to Monument Valley or Death Valley in it, but it's a little squeeze to get her husband in, can get a little too much sun exposure, and she doesn't really consider it the car for long trips. Still, she's very, very happy with it, and it was fun to see this list.

About astrology (yesterday), oh, I also read the ones in the paper for amusement. Then I promptly forget them. It's taking it all seriously as a life guide of some sort that I find ridiculous and depressing.

Lady DR said...

Sounds like you're meeting yourself coming and going, Bill. A new computer and a new cell phone at the same time? You're a brave man. I'm still trying to figure out how to use the cell I upgraded to a year ago (wry s). Continuing to hold good thoughts for some quality time between Mom and b-i-l.

Lost Monday to a migraine. Sure glad I don't get those very often! Current client discovered that the last half of her ms is actually the last half of the second book in the series (working on the third). We're at a standstill, until she finds a guru to find the file on either her hard or thumb drive. Had the MRIs on Tuesday. Did the pool four days. Hauled my regular chair down to the living room and manhandled one of the firm recliners to my office and positioned it so it can't recline or rock back. Hoping this will help hip. Figured out how to use the long handled, clawed pooper scooper to pick up the branches and limbs in the yard, so Himself can mow, without doing in my hip.Finally cleared the clutter in the craft room and got the last of RV stuff to the shed and articles collected for donations. Going through the large wicker chest of fabric - it's all still spread out for sorting. Makes me remember how much I used to enjoy making my own clothes and wonder if I want to make/find time to do that a bit, since I certainly don't seem to be able to find anything "off the rack" that fits. Went to Nancy's this afternoon and Himself got her set up and walked her through Skype, so she can talk to her brother and see her great-niece on video.

Next week is the pool, see Dr. K for MRI results, a massage. Catch up on cleaning, which didn't get done with all the decluttering time. Decide whether to take the extra week for my book or start early on the next client project, as I suspect it may take more time than anticipated. Either way, editorial of one sort or another.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I sometimes do get lost in my schedule and sometimes before the third day. I want to get an Ipod and a current phone and all the toys someone like me should really have. If I join the 20TH century you can too!

Wow congratulations to your daughter with her ragtop Miata. I'd love to see a picture of it.

I've done the Golden State Bridge more than once. Maybe some day she will do the Aloha loop. I would love to go to Monument Valley.

I pretty much feel about astrology the way you do but the really long detail charts interest me a little bit more.


William J. said...


I don't know if it is meeting myself or finding myself coming or going! I just feel so out of it when my older sister and brother in law are more technologically aware then I am. In this area I am supposed to smarter than they are.

I am so sorry you had a migraine, those can be so damn painful. I hope that is you last one not only for a while but forever. Ouch on your client's discovery. When will you get the results of the MRI? With you hip should you be hauling chairs? If it helps you hip in the long run then it will be worth it. The long handled scooper should make things easier too. Congrats on cleaning the craft room. As a friend I would tell you not to take on anymore tasks like making your own clothes until the cancer book is done and published! I really like Himself, that was very nice of him to do that for Nancy.

Will wait for the results of the MRI and keep on wishing for good results. Cleaning can wait. You sound busier than I am. I am so anxious to see your book so you know what I would choose.