Saturday, August 25, 2012


Looking forward to a good Saturday. Fixing Mom lunch and then cooking dinner for Mom, myself, and the caregiver. We are having a special recipe I concocted of sweet potatoes and pork chops. I am fixing it here then taking it in to Mom's. I will stay and have dinner with them. In between time at Mom's I will be attacking my to do list and getting ready for the annual football night this coming Tuesday. I am hoping to pull some fast ones on the other eleven guys by keeping my picks a mystery. Speaking of mysteries:

From one mystery to another:

The final mystery is how dumb some people can be:

Before closing I just want to send prayers, positive vibes, and good thoughts to the victims of the Empire State Building shooting. I hope the shootings stop.

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Pat said...

I just read some of yesterday's discussion, and Bill, you have my complete sympathy. Your position must be incredibly stress-producing, aside from all the actual caregiving you actually provide. I read out a bit of your threesome caregiving situation to the kids, and they agree there's no good solution for you, and also agree with me that I have it pretty good. [g]

Now for today: Sweet potatoes and pork chops are a great combination. Do let us know the recipe, if it turns out well!

What a great mystery package opening. What suspense! [g] Seriously, thought, it's a great find. And the German book was another great find. The librarian sure had a time finding someone who recognized that, though. And how funny that the robbers' politeness in complimenting the mask company led to their being caught! I guess that's a negative lesson to those of us who might contemplate robbing a bank. Don't be polite. Don't be appreciative.

And last, I'll certainly join you in sending good wishes to victims of any shooting, but for heaven's sake, I wasn't even aware of this one. Is it becoming so commonplace that it wouldn't have been up front on the news? Or am I just blanking them out? I just googled, and it was Friday, so it's probably the latter, and the first article to come up says all nine bystanders were hit by police bullets, three by gunshot wounds and six by fragments. Sigh.

Lady DR said...

Sounds like a pleasant Saturday. Do share the pork chop/sweet potato recipe, please?

Interesting about the 100 year old package and contents. Also about the secret Nazi book. I'm surprised the librarian had trouble finding people with interest in it.

As to the crooks and politeness... geeez!

Like you, prayers to the victims of Empire State Bldg shooting and their family. I think one of the saddest issues is that most victims were hit by the cops. One of the key issues in the training I received was to assess "collateral" damage and innocent bystanders. Be sure you know who/what's behind the person you're going to shoot,as bullets go through and continue on or ricochet, as well as other considerations. Sounds like these guys missed that section of class. A well trained officer with range qualifications should have been able to do the job with one shot, after a quick assessment of what was behind/beside the target. Sigh.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Yesterday was a good example of why I have to accept things the way they are. Sister was a God send. Mom was really ill and at the start of the day couldn't get out of bed by herself. Sister was right there, helped mom, did it with charm and humor. If she would show this side of her more often people would flock to her.

I didn't like the pork chops and sweet potatos but the troops did. I thought the potatoes were to mushy and the pork chops were a little tough. If I had it to do over again I'd use smaller pork chops and cook it a little less.

Sometimes I wish I was an only child and had children! Brother hasn't been back to Mom's since his first visit. Right now after yesterday I want sis to be here and I will accept her as she is.

I don't understand why the librarian has such a hard time finding someone who understood its value. I would have jumped on it right away.

I am keeping a list of things to do if I rob a bank. Don't use a note with my letterhead on it. Don't be polite. Don't call them the next and ask if I left something there.

I use a browser that is set up to bring me the top news stories of the day. I would have missed the shooting because there was just a very small article about it in the local paper. I wish the police would have been more careful.


William J. said...


I didn't like the recipe enough to share it.

That is really what just stunned me is how hard the Librarian had so much trouble finding someone interested in it. As a WWII geek I would have jumped right on it. Speaking of WWII if you want to read a great book about the time leading up to it, get IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS by Eric Larson.

I agree with you the saddest thing of all is that so many people were hit by stray bullets. I would like to think the NY cops had the same training you did and maybe with the tenseness of the situation and maybe some of them were there on 9-11 and they just forgot. I read an article for my book that pretty much states that copps are among the worst shots there are, that they hit their intended target less than half the time. The article was written by a police shooting instructor. The snipers are great shots but your normal officer not really.