Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Men Are From Mars.

I am heading over to Mom's after lunch &will be there until Thursday night at 7:30.

Men are from Mars and so is today's post.

What do we really know about mars?


Who is the star of the Mars landing?


How about a slide show?


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Pat said...

I sort of knew those things about Mars. At least I remember reading them. Not that I remember such things very well or for very long.

Love Mohawk Guy (even though again I couldn't see the video--I found photos elsewhere). But please, for his next mission, no extensions! Unless expertly done on the right person, those things are UG-LY!

In terms of notoriety, I guess he's the hero of the the Mars Landing, but in fact, it's the whole team who worked together to make this amazing thing happen.

I liked the slideshow, and am looking forward to new Mars information, though I'm told the good stuff that we've not seen before, will be a while in coming.

Lady DR said...

Interesting stuff about Mars. Like Pat, I think I knew most of it, but it wasn't at the top of the file drawer.

Mohawk Guy is great and I loved the young man's comment that he wished he'd known there were guys like that involved in the sciences.

Congratulations to the entire NASA team and all those who supported them through their efforts.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I knew some of the stuff about Mars but some of it was new to me.

I kind of like Mohawk guy even if I don't like the Mohawk style hairdo. I am sorry you couldn't see the video but this was to good to pass up but glad you found photos elsewhere. I am with you with the extenstions. And of course you are right it is the team that makes the mission possible not just one guy.

I liiked the slide show but I am waiting for color photos. They should be a word I seldom use, awesome!


William J. said...


I join you in the congratulation to the whole crew. And I think the Mohawk guy will lead to more of our young guys finding out about science and careers in them.

I also knew some of the stuff about Mars but did learn a few things.