Monday, August 13, 2012

Lost Camera And Found Fossils.

The other day it was a town for sale in Utah now we have one a little north of there:

Most everyone remembers my famous wallet story so I love lost and found stories. Lose a camera lately?

A lot of people think us men from Oregon are from outer space maybe even mars:

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Pat said...

I'm happy to see from yesterday's comments that you are taking a couple of rest days. Be sure you really do it, y'hear?

Wow, that's some historic town for sale! And darned cheap, as towns go. But I guess with a population of 2, it isn't actually a full-fledged "town" at all. I hope they find the "special person" they're looking for, and that s/he will maybe build it up some.

Kudos to the camera-finders. They were excellent detectives. I'm also fond of lost & found stories. Some of the ones they list, I had even heard about already.

I had always suspected you might be from another planet. [g] You break all the "men" stereotypes, but maybe all Oregonian men do. Whatever, if your clay will help Mars research, it's a feather in your collective cap.

Lady DR said...

Like Pat, I'm glad to hear you're taking a couple days to rest and relax. You've been going flat out for too long, my firned.

Neat historical town and even neater about the manuscripts/letters. I hope they find a buyer who will appreciate the history.

I think it's so nice, when people find items and take the time and energy to try to track down the original owners. You had a story about something kinda similar a few months ago and it just warms my heart that people care enough to try to locate those who value the items.

LOL about Oregon men being from Mars, but interesting that Oregon soil may help answer some questions about the planet.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I just reached the point where I couldn't do it anymore my body was shutting down so I took the message and just chilled yesterday and the plan is the same for today.

My parents were from near that town so it has a special meaning for me. Powerball is up to 305 million for Wednesday night's drawing so I got a shot at enough money to buy the town!

I had also heard of some of the other lost of found stories. I like them because somewhere in there is a honest person and it restores my faith in people.

Saying break all the "men" stereotypes is probably the best and nices compliment I have ever received!

I do hope the clay brings needed answers.


William J. said...


There were these two frogs. One was on the outside of the railroad tracks, one was stuck inside of the railroad tracks. The free frog says "you wait here, I will go get help." Two hours later the frog comes and finds the other frog free. "How did you get out of the tracks?" "I had to a train was coming." I had to stop and rest for a couple of days. A train was coming.

That makse three of us that hope a kind and historical aware person buys the town.

You hit the nail on the head as to why I like lost and found stories. It just makes me believe there is good in everyone.

I also thught it was interesting that the soil here may answer questions about mars.