Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Update

Today I do lunch for Mom and dinner for Mom & the caregiver. They are having breakfast for dinner. Then it is two me days in a row where I plan on working my but off on client stuff and write a chapter or two. Wednesday from 11 in the morning until Thursday at 7:30 are at Mom's. Thursday is also a lab appointment to see how I am progressing. Friday is seeing a new foot doctor to get some special inserts for my shoes. Saturday is at Moms for the day but not for the night.

Last week was a blur again. Friday I did go to The Bourne Legacy. It was a decent movie, the fourth in the series based on the Robert Ludlam characters. The Bourne Ultimatum was the last before The Legacy and was by far the best in the series. The Legacy was as good as the Ultimatum after about a thirty minute confusing and slow start. Still work the time. Tuesday from noon until Thursday at 8 PM was at Mom's. Saturday was an errand and attacking the to do list day.

I haven't talked to Mark the one that lost his wife yet but I did talk to the CPA Mark and he is doing great. His mom is having her ups and down but was up enough for Mark and His wife to take her to the coast. And my lovely cousin Lavelle emailed me and was happy with her care package and my letter.

The blog is now yours. Let me know what is going on with you. I live to know what is going on in your lives!

The news question of the day is why was twelve year-old Claire Sherman featured in an article in The Oregonian last week? Email the answer at


Pat said...

I'm glad to hear some good news about CPA Mark and cousin Lavelle. As usual, just reading your schedule makes me feel tired.

Lady DR said...

Good news on Mark and on Lavelle. Thanks for sharing. Your week sounds as busy as always, the one past and the one coming up.

Due to a client delay, I was lucky enough to spend several hours on the cancer book this week and am almost done with the final round of edits and revisions and updates. Baby steps. Next week is back to editorial work, as the client ms arrived Friday. Doing the pool five days a week, hoping to g4t back to line dance. Went with Himself to the PT evaluation and he said he wanted instructions to do it at home. Fortunately, I had all the equipment needed, except the stretch cord, from garage sales and stuff. Now, if he'd just use it. I saw the hip specialist, who found nothing on x-rays, informed me he specialized in hip replacement, which I didn't need. He's ordered MRIs and set up an app't the end of September with a neurologist (earliest I could get in). MRIs next week, appt to get results following week. Other than that, it's domestic duties, reading - for once I'm doing more than one book at once, between fiction and non-fiction. While I once said I couldn't imagine reading e-books, I'm finding them my most frequent reading material. I'm on a loop that sends a daily list of free or 99 cent books and I've discovered that, while some are delete-worthy, many are well written, both fiction and non-fiction. Having the Fire with books downloaded was particularly nice during our short power outage from a nasty storm mid-week.
Next week, Himself sees the new cardiologist, I get the MRIs and plan on spending as many hours as possible on the editorial project, in order to meet the proposed start date for the September project.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am going to have lunch with Mark in September and maybe he and I will do something together. I've always liked him.

My schedule finally got to me so I am resting the next couple of days and things will get done when they get done.


William J. said...


I also heard from Kaye but had already done today's post. She would love to help you with the Pocket Whimsies. I will forward her email to you and you can go from there.

I am elated that you are almost done with the Cancer Book!! Yea.

Crack the whip to Himself actually does the PT at home. I want him to have a good shoulder!

I am happy you don't need a hip replacement but disappointed that you have to wait to find out what is wrong with your hip.

Next week sounds like an important week for both you and Himselef, keep us updated!