Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Man's Landing, A Woman's Birthday.

The update will be tomorrow. Today we are celebrating two things. DanRae's birthday. Happy Birthday DanaRae!!! We are also celebrating Neil Armstrong and man's first landing on the moon. We lost a true American hero yesterday.

The summer between my junior and senior years in college I was an intern at North American Rockwell. That was the summer of man's first landing on the moon. The spacecraft was built at North American's Seal Beach, California's facility. That is where I worked. We were given many incredible things after Neil Armstrong took man's first step on the moon, July 20, 1969. All of the following photographs are from the company newsletter.

One thing I do remember, well actually will never forget, is a few weeks after the landing they brought the space ship that went to the moon to the Seal Beach plant and displayed it. It was incredibly small. About the size of a small dinner table. The same day they brought the craft to the pant Neal Armstrong and the other two astronauts visited. There was one heck of a ceremony. Security back then wasn't an issue and you could get closer to your heroes then you do know. I pushed my way to the front of the line and shook the hands of the three astronauts. A day that will live in my mind forever.

Here is what I think are very stunning pictures of the mission to the moon. And I threw one in there with my name on it.

Questions for the day. Name the other two astronauts that were with Neil Armstrong on the trip to the moon. Who was the second man to walk on the moon? Who stayed in the the spacecraft (a module separated from the craft and took the others to the moon) and steered the craft? Which one later appeared on Dancing With The Stars?

And how long have I known DanaRae? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Lady DR said...

To answer backwards, I think the other two were Collins and Aldrin. Collins piloted the module? John Glenn was the second man on the moon? (I'm stretching waaay back. No clue on DWTS.

My own story: Back in the early sixties, can't remember just when, the family went to Orlando for a tupperware "jubilee." On the way home, we stopped at Cape Canaveral. Back then it was sort of a small outpost of the NASA program, there were no guided tours nor much security, other than a locked gate at the end of an entrance road. I don't recall a lot of details, but a man saw us at the gate, came over to talk with us, let us walk through the gate and pointed out the various buildings and talked about training for a mission to the moon. That man was Neil Armstrong. I had no idea, at the time, what a tremendous experience I was having. The newspaper reports and comments from friends are true - the man was plain as dirt and very kind to a mid-western farm family which was having trouble imagining such a flight, let alone a goal to walk on the moon. I hope many follow his family's wishes in what we can do to pay tribute to the man.

I'm going to go ahead and do my update today. The week was doctor app'ts, more MRIs, massage therapy, pool, editorial time, discussing MRI results with the medical ass't. The weekend was domestics (hit the high spots and do laundry) and actually sewing for the first time in too many years. Now, I just need to find some who's a size 12 or 14, about 5'6", and likes long dresses, which can be belted or not. Yup. Dress is done, looks great, too big for me. Can be worn as a sun dress or jumper. Any takers? Otherwise, it goes to the mission.

The MRI results came back clean. No narcosis, blood flow to bones is good, cartilage is good, everything looks fine, except for some fibroids that aren't problematical but should be mentioned to Dr. B at my annual physical in November. Nothing to indicate why there is a problem with the hip. Next step, the neurologist. Tomorrow I see the dermo, to discuss treatment options for the kartosis on my neck. Hold good thoughts please.
I've "celebrated" my birthday by sleeping in, finishing the dress, finishing the pocket whimsey bag and getting ready to decorate it, doing a bit of reading (I highly recommend "Filmore's Way (on doing things badly) and "Follow Your Dream." Tonight we shall enjoy hibachi shrimp and all the trimmings at the Sakura Japanese Steakhouse.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Spent MPs "discussing" what I want to accomplish in the next year, some changes I want to make and things I want to do in the future. Publishing is at the top of the list.

Pat said...

My clearest memory of that night in July, 1969 was walking out into the back yard and looking up at the moon, which was full or close to it--the wonder I felt at the thought that there was actually men up there. It was an amazing feeling.

I know so little about these things, but it was Apollo 11, wasn't it? And was it Lovell who was the second to set foot on the moon? Or Buzz Aldrin? Whoever, I do remember a controversy shortly afterward. The second astronaut apparently thought he should have been first. Don't know about the other questions without some serious research into either google or my failing memory.

I guess you've known DR as long as you've known me. Didn't we all meet at the same time at that first Netstock in Boulder?

dona said...

Happy Birthday DanaRae! Hope your meal tonite is delish! Your week sounded as busy as Bills does usually. Good thoughts are sent your way as always.

I think Buzz Aldrin was on DWTS, and I love all these pictures.

William J. said...


You all got some of them right. I've known Pat and DR for sixteen years. Edward Aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon. He joined Neil Armstrong just a minute or two after Neil took his famous first step. Michael Collins stayed in the spacecraft and was the main driver that go the vehicle to the Moon. Edward Aldrin was on Dancing With The Stars.

I love your Neil Armstrong story. So typical of him. What a memory.
I know Cape Canaveral well (now Cape Kennedy). I just think it is the neatest story. I also hope his family wishes.

I am thrilled that they found nothing on the MRI. Yea for getting back to sewing, I heard it was relaxing. Can you take the dress in? It is so damn annoying for them not yet being able to point to what is wrong with you hip. I hope the neurologist. Have they tested the sciatic nerve?
You have my good thoughts and prayers about you neck. I hope the treatment works.

I hope the food and your birthday celebration was great!


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I did the same exact thing you did. I went out the front door and stood in the middle of the street looking up at the moon and just shaking my had about how incredible it was. I remember the streets were bare. It was completely silent. No traffic. No cars. No people. Everyone was insided watching their TV. By the way it was a Sunday.

It was Apollo 11. It was Aldrin who followed Armstrong to the moon.
It was also at the Colorado Netstock when I met you and DR. About sixteen years ago.


William J. said...

Hello Delightful Dona

Always nice to see you here.

It was Aldrin on DWTS. A terrible dancer he was.


Mary said...

I met you guys in Colorado too! Hard to believe I only had two kids then! I remember my dad making us come in from playing in the yard to watch the moon landing on tv. It was a lovely sunny evening, and we were mad at him for making us come in.

William J. said...

Hi Mary

We have been through so much together. All of us. Deaths and births. Joys and hardships. It really is incredible.

I have to admit it does kind of shock me that your dad had to make you come in to watch the landing.


Mary said...

Give me a break, I was eight years old.

Mary said...

There was supposed to be a smile after that last comment. ;)

William J. said...

Hi Mary

The first message made me feel old.

The second message made me feel old with a smile.