Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Three I's

Wednesday. Not sure about tonight. Sister is better but just how much better is the question. Today were are doing the interesting, the informative and the incredible. I, I & I.

A really interesting video:

An informative article:

Now tell me the truth. Do you know what a deer crossing sign means? Pretty clear that it is a place in the road where Bambi and her cohorts cross, right? Well, not everyone thinks so:

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Glad to hear Sis is improving, hope that continues and she can soon pitch in again. The last thing you need is for her to do something to mess the back up further and put you on even longer duty.

Interesting video. I do know that meditation and prayer can make a big difference in the brain's "resting" power and calming influence on the rest of the body. I hadn't realized there was a difference between those who believed in God (Allah, Buddah, etc) and those who were non-believers.

Thanks for the info on SS. I knew we were to get a tiny little increase, but didn't know the ceiling on earnings had been increased. I haven't seen anything on what's happening with the Medicare premiums and whether the increase in SS payments will cover any increase there.

The deer crossing sign - someone sent that to me this morning and I was laughing out loud. I have to wonder where the heck this woman lived, before moving to Fargo ND. And why didn't her husband explain things to her, after the first accident with a deer? I mean, we even have deer crossing signs throughout most of Southeast US and we had them in the Midwest. What blew my mind was that she didn't learn, after hitting the first deer. What further blew my mind was the idea that the deer would be guided to the signs and cross at a "safe" place (and I'm not at all sure about the idea of school crossings!) I mean, I know critters are intelligent, but... Although, Himself did raise the point that the signs could be better worded. "Beware, deer crossing" or "Watch for deer" might be a better warning to the totally clueless. Or maybe not. What's really scarey is that this woman may raise children and she may vote in the upcoming election.

William J. said...


Sis is just a little better, not progessing as fast as she should so I am at Mom's. Mom's aide comes tonight so at least I get nights at home. Day meals will be mine for a while. Already got the next four nights planned.

At hadn't realized there was a difference either. I know when I pray or meditate it at the minimum relaxes me and takes my mind of the world around me.

The word I hear on the Social Security is that Medicare premiums will go up and take up most of the raise. There were be four our five bucks left after the adjustment for Medicare premiums so it won't be any great increase.

Interesting point that Himself raised. We really could make the signs more clear. But I am just stunned that there is someone who would misread those signs the way this woman did. And you are right, if this is the intelligence of people voting in this election we are in deep doodoo.