Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Late Update

Just got back from breakfast and a football day with the guys.

This coming week looks easy compared to the last two or three weeks. Tomorrow and Tuesday is attacking the to do list and kicking back. I'm really kind of tired. Every once in a while I reach that stage where I just can't go anymore and I have to rest and recharge. I think I am there right now. I am little short-tempered, don't really have my normal energy, to me that is a flashing neon sign saying STOP AND TAKE CARE OF YOU. That is my mission for the next two days. Wednesday is breakfast with my friend Dave and then on to Mom's to be there from noon Wednesday until Thursday at nine PM. Friday is cleaning house. Saturday the Ducks are on a bye week so other than meals form Mom and the caregiver it is a find things to do day. I'm sure that won't be a problem.

Last week. Sunday was breakfast with the guys. A quiche for Mom and the caregiver. Monday was a day at home. Working on various things. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday were at Mom's. A lunch and dinner out. A few games of Scrabble. An argument or two. A few good meals. Watching the presidential debate and a couple nights of Jeopardy. Friday was errand day. Saturday was preparing meals and watching football day.

That is the week that was and the week to be. Now give me yours!


Lady DR said...

Yeah, the comment box is back where it belongs (G).

Glad you enjoyed breakfast and a football game. Glad you're kicking back. Given the demands of the past few weeks, including emotional issues, not a bit surprised you're feeling tired. If you have a Kindle, I highly recommend the book, "Pono," which seemed to be just what I needed when I saw and downloaded it last week from Amazon. I gave it a five star review. Beats any "self-help" I've read in the last year or so.

Happening times around here. Had the week off to devote to the book, for the most part (the new editorial project arrived Thursday). This was a good thing, as I discovered the fine print that said the home/student version of MSWord2010 we had couldn't be used commercially, so had to order overnight delivery of the regular version. Had to reformat the ms three times (hate the fact you can't find where you pressed a wrong button and blew up the ms), but I think it's as good as it's going to get. Had the epidural Wednesday. Waiting to see what happens (Doc H said 4-10 days). Spook and I got tangled in my housecoat in the dark Thursday, because I couldn't see her when I went to bed (have I mentioned she periodically just stops in front of you and doesn't move?) I thought I'd scraped my toes on the carpet. Friday AM discovered I'd broken two toes on the right foot. Despite how often I've broken toes, I'd forgotten how danged much they hurt for how long. (Perhaps) stupidly, I decided I could go to the knitting group Sat AM and pick up some needed groceries. Glad I went to the group, as one of the gals was waiting for me to show her how to use the looms. Went to Walmart, for some items I can only find there, and none of their electric carts were working. Made short work of that trip and raised the issue about the carts and why I would complete my shopping at Bilo. To Bilo, where they got me a cart, helped me so I didn't have to get out of the cart, followed me to car to return cart. Today I've done nothing but sit and read, feet up, a bit of time at the computer. Oh, last beta reader brought up ms Saturday afternoon with comments, so I can finalize that.

Next week is just seeing how it goes. I'm making an app't with the chiro for an adjustment. Haven't had one in a month and a precaution, in case the fall messed up something or favoring the right foot is negative to the left hip. Have a deep muscle massage Thursday, which will also help, I hope, assure the epidural wasn't negatively impacted by the fall. Would like to go to the pool and hang from a "noodle" and do some leg exercises, but it's a block's walk from the parking lot to the pool building and, somehow, I suspect parking in handicapped with a hand printed sign "Broken Toes" on the dash just won't cut it with the campus cops (wry s).

So, next week will be just see how it goes. I'm anxious to start on the cover copy for the book and exploring CreateSpace, but it may make more sense to start on the editorial project, which would allow me to keep me foot elevated. See the chiro and do the massage. The cleaning service comes Thursday afternoon and will walk into a mess, as between the instructions after the epidural and the broken toes put paid to finishing the decluttering I'd started (which means chaos reigns). Himself refers to me as a walking disaster, but says at least life with me is far from boring (wry s).

William J. said...


Now if they would just leave the damn comment box alone.

First, ouch on your broken toes. That has to be on of the most painful injuries ever, my thoughts and prayers for a quick healing!

I enjoyed the day out with the guys they are a good group. And we go to a place where we watch six or seven games at one time!

I think the hardest with mom isn't so much just the emotional issues it is the up and down of the emotional issues. I heard again three or four time how I am the favored one. That bugs me to no end. I need a couple of days away from there and am glad I am getting them. I haven't moved to the new century and bought a Kindle yet but maybe I can find a paper version of Pone.

I am so happy that you had some time to concentrate on your book but what a pain it is to have to reorder everything, not to mention the cost of overnight delivery. And the multiple reformatting sounds like a pain.

Please let us know the resutls of the ep.

I think instead of running errands you need to stay off of your toes. Wish I was closer I would run the errands for you.

It is almost against the law not to have the carts working. I'd shop at Bilo also because of the service they provided.

Sounds like it is time for an adjustment. I wonder if you shouldn't be using a cane to soften the impact the new walking style has on your hip. I think I would have my doctor give me a handicap sticker prescription. You qualify with your hip problems. You don't have to use it when you don't need but it is sure nice to have it when you do.

I would never define anything about you as boring.


Lady DR said...

Can't remember if it's out in print... just checked and it's on Amazon in print version. Search for Pono.

Will keep you posted on the epidural. He said 4-10 days. One reason I want to get an alignment tomorrow is to be sure it has ever chance to work. Don't have a cane, but may use my walking stick to get to the chiro. Haven't seen a doc for the toes (all they do is tape them up and I can do that) and the hip really doesn't need a handicap tag, unless the epi doesn't work, then I may consider it. Too bad one can't get a temporary sticker, huh.

William J. said...


They do have temporary handicap certificates. At least Oregon does.

Will check out Amazon and also has it.