Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Update

I pray that all of  those on the East Coast in the path of Sandy survive intact and their property does too. I am particlularly worried about DR.

Sunday, Sunday.  No football breakfast this week. Half the guys are out of town. Today it is lunch at mom's. Fixing them dinner tonight. Already done. A casserole.  At four I reconnect with Nancie. Haven't seen her for a while so it will be nice to get together with her tonight. We are going to the movie, ARGO. I have already seen but I wanted to see her, that is the movie she wanted to see, and I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had already seen it. Besides it is a good enough movie to see twice.  Monday is a work day. Tuesday depending on how much I get done Monday might be the movie CLOUD ATLAS. It is a three hour movie so I really have to be in the mood for it. Wednesday and Thursday at Mom's. Friday a me day. Saturday lunch and breakfast for the troops at Mom's.

Last week was Mom most of the week. Monday noon through Thursday at 7:30 was at Mom's. We played a few games of Scrabble. Went to Wendy's once for lunch and Shari's for dinner once. We ran an errand to the credit union. Thursday I helped set up the garage to paint. We watched the debates, Dancing
With The Stars two nights, and Jeopardy every night. I kept it light because not only did she lose her brother in the last two weeks, she also lost a cousin this week, and then she was worried about my sister. I think I did pretty darn decent.

I cooked a cassreole for tonight. How does it look?

I posted a couple of pictures on Facebook that generated a lot of interest. My great grandfather, Frank Teeters, was a stage coach driver who befreinded the Sioux. They used to hold powwows on his property. Thhe first picture is a picture of one of the powwows. He is the one standing. If you look real close there is a head dress in front of him. Rumor has it that, that is Sitting Bull.

The second picture is my Mom's dad and his two sisters in front of the home he homesteaded.

Comment Away. And give me your updates. Telll me everything about what went on in your life last week and what is going on in your week next week. I love to hear about you and yours. It keeps me going.         


Lady DR said...

First, not to worry about me, although I've lots of friends in the NE who can use our prayers. We got lucky. Mostly severe drops in temps and it's gotten mighty windy today, but that's it for us, I think.

Glad you'll be seeing Nancie again. I suspected the two of you made little connection, with all your stuff for Mom. Neat pictures!

My week? Editorial. Pool. The cleaning crew was here Wednesday and did a good job mostly, but some glitches. Have talked with the manager about my concerns. She offered to send a crew to do a redo and I said that wasn't necessary So Long AS the issues were dealt with when they come back the 9th. She'll be coming with them and we can get some questions clarified. I expect cleaning to be done to my standards (the way I normally clean) and that may be unreasonable. Also want to find out what they will NOT do and if one can make provisions for some spring-cleaning types of issues or if I have to go elsewhere. A massage on Thursday - wonderful! Spent most of Saturday on the book and am moving closer to publication. Altho the learning curve is time-consuming and painful, we're getting much closer. Today we went leaf-peeping. Sunny when we left, but overcast within half an hour or less. There's some pretty colors, but a lot of trees have already dropped leaves and, without the sun, couldn't get pictures of the vibrant colors. Drove through rain on the way home. Got the craft books delivered to one library group, the writing books to a different library group and the painting books to Nancy.

Next week, I hope to finish the current editorial project by Tuesday or Wednesday and spend the rest of the week with my book. I'm in the upload process, which means getting feedback about issues that may negatively affect the final print run and fixing those. I think I'm almost there. Then I can proof the book on screen, make any additional fixes and have a printed proof sent to me for final checking. Meantime, soon as I 'okay' the screen version of content, I can start on the cover and the back page. And the blog site and web site (which I may do in reverse order). Doubt I'll get to all of that in the four days I'm setting aside, but I can make a nice dent, before starting on the next editorial project. I have so many people telling me the book needs to be out NOW, it's almost like the nudges the gal felt in the Reluctant Prophet (wry s).

Delighted to report the broken toes seem to be healing nicely and I think I can give up my special parking place next week and walk from the parking lot to PAC bldg. Did a fair amount of walking today and it went pretty well. So, now we see if the hip improves, with normal walking activities. I'd love to go out and rake and mulch leaves, but Himself has issued dire threats, should I do so. If I could just find a teenage boy(s) to supervise and direct...

dona said...

Hi Bill, I too worried about all in the path of Sandy and pray everyone gets through it ok. I did wonder about DR until the Shankster showed me on a map that Sandy may just throw some rain her way, and sounds like that is what happened. SO glad to hear you are ok DR!

As for the casserole, looks yummy and I am sure it was. I had wondered about Nancie and am glad to hear you getting together tonite, but if she reads the blog, wont she find out your secret? Which I may add was very sweet of you, there aren't too many of you around.

DR, I think your concerns about cleaning to your standards are just fine. I had my own cleaning business once, after cleaning for a company for a while. I am like you and like things done well, the first time. You just may have to go through one or two to find the one who will do it and do it right the first time. Good luck.

William J. said...


I am glad you are out of the path of Sandy because it really looks amazingly destructive.

Nancie is also going to school and has a business she is running so she has little free time and with Mom neither do I so it is really hard to get our schedules to mesh. We had a nice time and I enjoyed ARGO as much the second time, I had missed a lot of it the first time.

I'm absolutely delighted that the broken toes are healing and you can start walking again. However, I am n Himself's side.

I am glad that the manager of the cleaning crew not only heard your concerns but addressed them and is coming out the next they come to your house. Of course your standards are higher than theirs. For you it is personal, for them it is a job. Yea on the massage!! And a bigger YEA on the book. I love Autumn because of the color, I don't like Autumn because of how overcast it usually is! And Rainy.

It looks like you have an extremely week in front of you. Looking forward to your book!


William J. said...

Hi Dona

This Sandy storm looks so large and so destructive that I just pray it doesn't do the damage expected.

The casserole tasted great and they loved it. I'm safe. Nancie doesn't read the blog.

I have found an individual cleaner is better than a nation company or franchise. More detail. More inneraction.