Saturday, October 6, 2012

Born In A Barn

Saturday. An easy day really. Work this morning. Take Mom out to lunch. Set out Mom's dinner (turkey meatloaf, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, and a sugar free ice cream bar for desert). Do a little shopping, home by three or four, take a little nap. Then get ready for the mighty Ducks to take on Mary's vaunted Huskies. I am a little worried about the games because I don't think the Ducks are a good as advertised and the Huskies are better than advertised. I'm thinking the Ducks pull it out but in a really close battle.

"Were you born in the barn?" my dad would always shout whenever we mistakenly left a house door open in cold weather. When we lived on a farm we did spend a lot of time in a barn, sometimes even spending the night in a cozy little cave we built. I remember one time when I was young and invincible , I thought I could fly. I got on the roof of the barn, put my arms out and jumped. I didn't fly but I survived. It was that broken collarbone that was a lot of trouble though. I am barn connected so I really liked the following story:

Now that I am learning to cook I don't go to restaurants as often because my food is healthier and as good or better than theirs. I do like the weird though so I might try some of the restaurants in the following story. I will probably avoid eating in the dark or on top of a crane but the others do spike some interest:

Cooking is a do yourself project isn't it? Should I move on to other DIY projects?

Comment Away.

go ducks. I didn't capitalize it because I don't want Mary mad at me.


Mary said...

I would never be mad at you over a stupid football game. And that is what it is. A stupid football game. Sigh.

William J. said...

Hi Mary

I was honestly surprised at the outcome. Washington has played on of the toughest schedules (3 top 25 teams. LSU, Stanford, Oregon) and Oregon has played the weakest schedule ever. Now I am wondering if the Ducks may be the best team in the country. Surprising. Oh and Washington is young. 25 was a great running back for them. Better things ahead in my opinion.


Lady DR said...

I'm confused. I posted a comment yesterday afternoon and it showed up as posted, but seems to have disappeared. Is Blogger being strange again?

William J. said...


When someone posts a comment that makes it to the blog I get an email alerting me to that post. I never received an email for a post from you so it does appear google is playing tricks on us and your post disappeared in space.