Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Friday

Thursday. Always a day I look forward to because it is like my Fridays when I work my seasonal job. Home and away for a couple of days.

I sometimes worry about my house being robbed when I gone. Probably a needless worry because I have nothing of value and good security. Just the same I appreciated the tips in the following article:

Sometimes when I am home and just relaxing I enter contests. Most of the times I lose. Sometimes I win. However, I always read and follow the rules. What do you think should happen to the dude in the following article:

After getting home on Thursday, Friday is my errand day. Hope in the car to the dry cleaners, the grocery store, the office supply store, the bank, the car wash, the barber, and if need the car repair shop. I am a pretty careful drive but it looks like on errand day I may have to be even more careful:

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Hmmm, this didn't work too well. The first link was "broken" and apologized for the fact. In the second story, when tired to play the video, there was a voice-over from somewhere else.

I think the guy should have gotten the money. If there was nothing explicitly forbidding it in the rules, it's a mute issue. I know lots of folks who contact their email buddies, as well as families, asking them to vote for their videos or blogs or whatever. I don't know the exact rules of that contest, but I rather suspect asking for votes is pretty common. After all, how else are people going to even know you have a video out there to see?

As to Friday errands, it sounds like you're safer if you do them in between commute times, say starting around 9:00 and being back home by 3:30 or so (G).

Take care tomorrow!

William J. said...


Sorry about all the problems with this entry. I didn't get home from Mom's until late last night so instead of correcting it I just left it and will do better on today's entry.

I also think the guy should have gotten the money. To me even if the rule was there he wasn't the only one that violated it. In fact the rule sound almost impossible not to violate.

I do have an appointment at 9 Friday morning but it is a safe communte. It is at my house. Then I have to get out and get back by 3:30!!