Monday, October 29, 2012

Ketchup, Moms, & Diabetics.

A day to work. Dark and gloomy outside. Looking forward to a productive day. Had a really nice time with Nancie last night. ARGO was just as good the second time and I picked up some things I missed the first time.

My mom loves Ketchup. She uses it on everything. Eggs even. You name it she uses it on it. Little did she or I know she was doing it wrong:

What are you doing wrong? With me I am just doing life in general wrong.

Who would turn in if you suspected them of a crime? Your son?

In closing just a helpful article for Diabetics.
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dona said...

Hi Bill, so glad your nite at the movies went great, especially the time with Nancie!

I also love Ketchup, use it on everything and Eggs especially!! And my mind was also blown, I would have NEVER known to use the Ketchup cup that Guess you CAN teach an old dog. I don't use tanning oils as I used them twice only to get burned severely, I was told I can never use them. So I don't. I do fine without them.

I certainly don't think you are doing life wrong, I think you are one of the best. So quit that!

Yeah I think I would do the same, I just could not live with myself if I didn't, I would hope I would NEVER have to turn anyone in, let alone my child. I am sure the ones that have feel horrible. Such a shame.

Thanks for the Diabetic article. I did know about the Nuts, Berries, Fish, Sweet Potatoes and Leafy Greens and have tried to implement them into the Shankster's diet. Broccoli is one of the "free" foods I keep around for him when he wants to do the snacking, you know they love to snack, and never think of snacking on something that is good and actually good for you! He loves Broccoli and Radishes so we keep those handy. I have a problem tho when it comes to the beans and Whole Grains. I have a time finding the bread he can eat as his weakness is bread, that will not keep his sugar elevated, and the beans as well, maybe I am using the wrong bean but with the exception of a green bean they all seem to spike his blood sugar.
Good article thanks!

Lady DR said...

First off, Mr. Bill, you're not only NOT doing life in general wrong, you're doing a whole lot of things right. Paste that on your forehead, please.

The ketchup thing was news to me, but it makes sense, when you see the video. Filing for future reference! Sun tanning is something I don't do.

What sad stories about the mothers having to turn in their sons. I think they did the right thing. I hope I'd have the courage and strength to do the same. I just can't imagine the anguish.

Dona, I hear you on the frustrations about food that "should" be good for diabetics, but seems to spike the blood sugar. I fought it the four years Mom was here, Deb is fighting it. Mom eats what she "should" and her blood spikes. She decides to heck with it and eats what she shouldn't and her blood sugar comes out good. It's enough to send one screaming into the woods. I've read a couple articles that say it may be due to combinations of foods, but we've yet to figure out which combinations cause issues. Mom can eat a healthy meal of everything "allowed" and her sugar is up. She can say "pfooey" and have a Big Mac and fries, maybe even a sundae, and her blood sugar is just fine. Have salad and crackers and it spikes, have pasta and a chocolate dessert and she's fine. This, of course, makes it near impossible to try to keep her "on track," as she says she's 93 and eating is her one enjoyment and why shouldn't she indulge, since "being good" doesn't seem to make any difference.

Please continue to keep all those in Sandy's path in your thoughts and prayers. I've friends in many of the affected areas - VA, NYC, NJ, PA and it's just not looking good. The folks in VA, near DC, have two month old twins, born prematurely and having had problems before birth, who are on CPAPs (can you imagine, at two months of age?). Thankfully, their dad got a generator, when the storm first threatened, but still... I'm tracking the storm, but can't place exactly where everyone is, in relation to the problems. However, I suspect all will be affected. We're down here in SC and we've had high winds and big gusts from the very outer bands, so I can't imagine what it must be like, closer to the center.

dona said...

Hey DR, I will be sending prayers for all your family and friends, I don't have anyone in those areas, but pray for their safety. We also have had some really high/gusty winds all day today.

Thanks for your input on the should be good foods for diabetics. OMGOSH we have had the same issues! He got off track when one day of doing what he liked, proved to result in lower levels! Its just crazy!

William J. said...

Hi Dona

The thing about diabetes is that everyone's body chemistry is different. While there are certain things that will help it is hard to generalize because of that difference in body chemistry. An example, peanut butter spikes my blood sugar but doesn't hurt my mom's. Same with Chinese food. Bad for me, good for Mom. Potatoes of any kind bad for Mom good for me. So you just have to through a bunch of tests find out what works. Of course there are things not to stay away from. Like Sweet Potatos. And things to stay away from. Anything cooked in white flour.

You can teach an old dog new tricks if you tell them they are old tricks!

You and Mom would have fun eating breakfast together. You might fight over the ketchup though. I was stunned at the article. I never even thought about using ketchup that way. I also don't use tanning oils.

Thank you for saying I don't do life wrong. I think you also do life the way it was meant. You are the rock for your dad and The Shankster. I find that charming.

I would turn the people in. My son or any relative but I would tell them first and tell them why.

By the way a good snack is celery sticks with non-fat cheese or low fat peanut butter. Love them.

I am seriously thinking about making my own bread. Then I can make it the way that is good for Mom.


William J. said...


Thanks for the kind words. I did paste it to my forehead. Now I have to find clothes that go with black ink.

I think the ketchup thing was news to all of us. That makes three of us that don't do tanning.

Very sad stories about the mothers that turned in their sons. But they were being good mothers in my book.

See my note to Dona about diabetics and diet.

Of course my prayers and good thoughts are with those in the path of Sandy. It looks extremely destructive. Looks like a ton of property damage, ten dead the last I heard, a town or two destroyed, and over three million without power. I just hope it changes course and weakens sooner than later. I am glad that your friends in Virginia have a generator but better yet is if they just don't lose their power.