Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jumping Off

Heading out to Mom's today. Going to be there a little before one to meet the Nielson people there to check the monitoring on their equipment. Then I will be at Mom's until Thursday night. In a way it is really tough duty. In a way it is enjoyable. In a way it is a very stressful. In a way it is not stressful because I can see with my own eyes how she is doing, improving, or declining. The ultimate in mixed emotions. Sometimes I just feel like jumping off the caregiver train. But I am not jumping this high in space:


I have never thought revenge was a useful emotion. I never sought it out. I believe in karma. What goes around comes around. I don't have to get even because eventually someone will do it for me. Apparently there are others that like to do things on their own instead of waiting for someone else to do it:


You can't really look back but if I did I would want to be just like the young person in the following article:


Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

First, holding good thoughts the time with Mom goes well and is more enjoyable than stressful. I do understand the comment about jumping off the train and I suspect my sister often feels the same way, at this point.

The skydiver things was incredible. Nuts, but incredible.

Like you, I'm kinda into karma and "what goes around comes around," even if we don't always witness it, may not be aware of it. OTOH, I'm not real sure if this is a revenge hedge. Given what the guy did for his employees after the 911 disaster, he just doesn't seem like a petty kind of guy, but who knows.

Loved the story about the fourteen year old with two houses. She's not only financially savvy, but financially creative. Her "curbside requisitioning" is great. (Folks at all income levels do that in FL, by the way, or at least did when we were there.) What a reward, the dryer and the gift card, to a deserving teen.

William J. said...


It turned out to be a stressful day as I found out right before going into Mom's that her brother, My Uncle Frank and second dad, passed away this morning. He and mom was as close as any siblings could be. Mom is doing fine now but it was touch a go for a while. I will answer you email tomorrow but the answer is going to be of course.

Good desription of the first article, incredible but nuts.

Even us no petty guys have petty moments.

I knew nothing about curbside requisitioning until the article. The teen was/is amazing.