Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Dumb, The Surprising, The Good

At Mom's today. She is playing bridge this afternoon Ninety-six and she usually wins every week even though the other players are ten or more years younger than her.

Let's start today with one of the dumbest things college men ever have done:

This is just so incredibly stupid it really makes you worried about the future of the world when college students post a flier like the about.

From stupidity to information. Surprising information:

Let's close today's post with a good story:

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Lady DR said...

Okay, the flyer is disgusting, disillusioning, scarey and upsetting. To think someone would post this, means the university needs to start tracking down students, because this is a sick mind, IMHO. Let's just scare parents away from sending their daughters to a college where they they can't live at home and be basically monitored and close to imprisoned. Is this some guy who doesn't want women on a college campus? My gut reaction is find the guy(s) who did this, because it represents a sick mind and who knows where it may go from the flyer?

The information on diabetes is interesting, as I think it applies not only to diabetes, but to a lot of other disorders/illnesses, from cancer to diabetes to allergies to COPD and a host of respiratory and immune system diseases/disorders, as well as to mental disorders. More and more research is showing that exposure to negative environmental issues, both inside and outside the home, may be contributing to physiological chemical imbalances, over time. Add chemmies, subtract healthy lifestyle... what do you expect?

Yea for the lady who won the prize for her artwork.

William J. said...


I completely agree with you are about the filer. I think they should find the idiot or idiots who put the flyer out there and expell them from school. I could also almost make a claim that the flyer is criminal. Accessory before the fact. Any rape on campus, I'd go after the flier and the school administrators that did nothing to find out about the flier.

Interesting point about the diabetes article applying to several diseases. Now that you mentioned it I completely agree with you!

I love turn around stories and people that do creative things and get rewarded for it.

Just a heads up but tomorrow's post won't be until the afternoon.