Saturday, October 27, 2012


Second day at home and it is out of this world:

I'm not going to the temple today but may go to church tomorrow:

I am going to play with abandon today:

OK, on the agenda for me today. I am putting this at the end of the blog just to be different. Grocery shopping. Taking the garbage out. Cooking a casserole. Watching the Oregon Duck game. And buying a birthday gift.

Off to Safeway. Comment Away.


dona said...

Hey Bill, Glad your second day is going well, and that you may head to church tomorrow! Sounds like your day is busy as usual, a casserole sounds yummy, on a nice cool day like we have going on here.

I need to go to the grocery but trying to put it off til Monday. I hope your game goes well and you have the best time!

William J. said...

Hi Dona

Had a great second day. Oregon won 70-14. We had kind of dark, windy, rainy day but the way our weather has been we just can't kick. We have had the best weather in the country this year.

I actually like to shop. I never can wait to do that! Especially when I am out of milk.