Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Week's Update

After losing Pat last week to lung cancer the following Facebook message from one of The Satellite Sisters had a major impact on me. Please read Lian's message and then take some time to Pray for Mr. & Mrs. Dolan and all the Dolans. This is just so unfair that they have to deal with so much:

My check-in. Next week first

Breakfast for dinner for the troops tonight. My famous breakfast casserole. Today was the football breakfast, left early to go fix mom lunch, set out the dinner settings and placed the breakfast casserole in the fridge. Then it was home for the day and trying to recover from a difficult week. Monday is a me day and a to do list attacking day. Tuesday through Thursday is at Mom's. Friday is lunch with my male boss, Tom. He has decided to sell his interest in the CPA practice. He wants to tell me what led to the decision. I'm kind of curious as to how it is going to effect my seasonal job. Saturday is lunch and dinner for the troops at Mom's house. Also next week is a Thursday night Oregon Duck game. They play Arizona State. Ducks 6-0, ASU 5-1. Should be a great game.

Last week. Sunday was making lunch for Mom and dinner for the troops at Mom's. Monday was shopping for a new printer, setting it up, and installing it. Also on Monday was Dancing With The Stars. Tuesday was a work day. Then the results show for Dancing With The Stars. I have decided to quit watching the show as long as Bristol Palin is one the show. I am tired of seeing better dancers leave the show when she stays on it. Wednesday was at Mom's. I took her to an art supply store to buy new paints. Thursday Mom and I had a couple of nice meals and played a couple of games of Scrabble. Friday I knocked off ten items from my to do list in the morning. Then in the afternoon I went to the movie, ARGO. Great movie! True story about the Iran hostage crisis. Lots of humor and lots of suspense. Saturday was taking Mom our for lunch and fixing roast beef, potatoes, and veggies for their dinner that night.

That is my update. Looking forward to your update. Tell me everything going on in your life!


Lady DR said...

I was so sorry to hear about Lian's mother. I've not followed their blog, but I know you have. They're all in my prayers.

It'll be interesting to know why Tom has decided to sell his interest in the practice, if it's something you can share.

A relatively quiet week. Saw Dr. St. J on Tuesday for an adjustment and she said I really needed to get back in the pool and find a way to work the hip, to help the epidural work. Called the campus cops and they did some calling and called back to tell me I was cleared to use the HR parking spaces in front of the PAC building for the next three weeeks. Yea! Was in the pool Weds and Fri, in the deep water with a "noodle," just walking, bicycling, "skiing" and it seems to be helping. The toes are healing slowly, better as long as I keep them in a walking shoe. Lots of editorial time. Some time on the cancer ms, especially this weekend. Moving into lots of "techie" stuff, which is daunting for me. Himself went through all the electronics and Miracle Hills picked up all the big stuff Friday morning. The cleaning crew never showed up Thursday, nor did they call or return my calls, so I cancelled the coupon and Groupon agreed to refund my money. Ergo, the house still isn't cleaned and I'm trying to get another crew in here. MollyMaids local franchise has stellar reviews and comments. Making step by step lists of the decluttering I WILL be doing, soon as I'm able to move as needed, get on step stools, do some lifting and hauling. Can't seem to settle to anything outside of editorial work and some work on the ms. Next week looks pretty clear and calm, outside of work and the pool time. If I get in extra editorial hours, hope to take the time to deal with the techie stuff on the ms and start fiddling with the blog. At the moment, the best description of my mind and activities seems to be "scattered."

Mary said...

Tom probably wants to sell you his part of the practice. Don't do it Bill!

I am finishing up a tax return for a client who filed an extension, and is being extremely leisurely about getting me his signed paperwork. Pulling hair out. I know you can relate!

William J. said...


I can't imagine having to deal with one parent having alzheimer's and another parent having cancer. That is just to much for anyone to deal with.

Sure I will tell you why Tom decided to sell once I find out for sure. I never sensed he was ever that happy, I always felt he was disappointed he had to play second fiddle to the other boss.

I am hoping you were able to get back to the pool sooner than later even if it was limited. Yea for the Campus Cops! That is what I call service. I am glad the toes are healing but wish the process would be faster. After the last few days I hope the cancer book is published sooner than later. That just stinks that the cleaning crew didn't show up. Decluttering is always healing. I am glad next week seems clear, you need a break. Scattered is my normal life.


William J. said...

Hi Mary

I heard a rumor over a month ago that Tom was selling so I don't think he has considered me as a buyer. Thank goodness.

If someone waits this long to do his tax return they won't be in any hurry now. People sometimes just don't get it.