Friday, October 5, 2012

Walking To The Music.

I'm sorry about the trouble with the links on yesterday's post. I hope today's are better. I can correct them sooner this morning because I am at home today.

I am going it slow this morning waiting for my expensive cheap shoes to show up. Friday is a me day, I don't really call it a day off because I have to much to do. I might find time to go for a walk:

Sometimes when I am sitting at my computer working away I turn on the music. Sort of working to the beat. Can you hear that someone is singing to you right now? Where is that sound coming from?

Sometimes when I am working away I turn on the news. My nice is an anchor. Well she was and is still looking for a job. No word on any of her try outs yet. Keep hoping folks. Because of having a relative in the family that is anchor I am critical of news anchors. Sometimes in borders on making fun of them. But I am neither going to criticize or make fun of the anchor in the following story, I am going to celebrate her:



Lady DR said...

Great posts, Bill. The videos with Hobo Nick were really interesting, as were some of his comments and insights.

The idea of music from space is intriguing. I'm trying to listen to music sometimes, when at the computer, but I have to be doing something pretty mindless, or I get distracted by the music and words, which I know too well.

Good of the new anchor. There has been so much on the media lately about bullying and it seems to have become a major issue/problem in schools, but I think people don't consider it applies to adults as well. Kudos to the anchor for taking the bull by the horns and facing this thing head on. Yes, she's overweight. Given that female anchors are often hired as much for looks and figures as for ability and insight, she obviously has a lot going for her outside physical appearance to hold the position she does. While I'm the first to admit obesity isn't a good thing, I also think we (people in general) attach way too much importance to outside appearances, rather than looking at the person "inside" and all they have to offer.

William J. said...


Good old Hobo Nick. At least he is doing something!

I just like the idea of the earth singing. It makes me happy.

Bullying goes on at any age, it some circles it is called domestic abuse. It is wrong on any level and at any age. The news anchor is quickly becoming an admired spokesman for those that are bullied. They did find the doofus that wrote the letter and he was pretty clueless.