Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bras, Beers, & Memorials.

My last day at Mom's. I should be home my eight tonight. It was a pretty good three nights, four days there. Sister is doing as well as she should so I got the meals for the next few days and maybe the non-aide days next week. Being my efficient self I already have the menu planned and set.

We had a tragic event here last week. A twenty-one year-old happily married young woman got up at 6:30 in the morning and headed to her job at a nearby Starbuck's. Before she left a young man, twenty-five, asked her for a ride. He lived in the same apartment complex as her, went to the same church as her and it seemed safe. She never made it to work. Her body was found a few days later at Larch Mountain. Did you know that in over eighty percent of the rapes and murders of women that the victim knew the perp?
Here is Steve Duin's column in today's Oregonian. He gives some good tips on how to stay safe.

Now on to fashion advise. Valuable fashion advice.

After reading today's articles you may want to sit back in your easy chair and have a beer.
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Lady DR said...

Glad to hear sis is improving.

Menus - I'm not sure whether to consider you an icon or hate you. I know I should do menus. I know they'd make my life easier. If I'd sit down on Sunday and make up menus for the week, I could shop accordingly on Wednesday, have whatever I needed and be able to do some stuff ahead of time, rather than finishing work at 5:00 or 5:30 and giving Himself a blank look, when he asks the inevitable, question, "What's for dinner?" Between cookbooks, stuff I've printed off the internet and the MasterCook program, I probably have literally a couple thousand recipes at my fingertips. Why do I not do this? I have no idea. I make resolutions, have the best of intentions and it just doesn't happen. Given I'm not fond of cooking, just having a plan and the ingredients would make life easier, as I could do easy recipes. Must Adjust Attitude.

My other friend in Portland sent me a short report on the young woman's murder, although it didn't include the fact the murderer was a neighbor who'd asked for a ride to work. That's really scarey. I mean, if a neighbor asked me for a ride, I'd probably not hesitate, although I am aware of the stats on women knowing the perp. A sad commentary on our world. It makes me ponder Himself's impatience with the fact I don't carry my small gun when I leave the house.

The early detection bra is an interesting idea. Spendy, given insurance won't likely cover it and one would still need annual checks. After several false negatives, and days of angst, my doctor now insists I use a facility that does a mammogram, has you wait for results and then does an MRI, immediately, if there are any positive indicators.

They guy sold a truckload of beer and sold it in his front yard? This really sounds like another case of you can't fix stupid.

Okay, it's pushing six o'clock and I need to go see what I can find to up together for supper (wry s). I'm currently trying to empty freezers of left-over meals and disguise them so Himself won't recognize them as leftovers. Planning ahead would make that easier, as well as planning "fresh" meals to intersperse. I shall try to do better (she vows, for the umpteenth time).

dona said...

Happy to hear your Sister is better. Hope this gives you a bit of rest, although I think you actually like to stay busy. :)

I also don't do menus at the beginning of each week. I do however shop and try to make sure to get all I need for several meals as I can think of while shopping, so to have what I want or need on hand. I have since Finding out the Shankster was diabetic, been more into recipes as I make sure to check the Diabetic Crock Pot Cookbook each day I need a new meal (we love leftovers) I was amazed at how much easier life was to plan the meal instead of waiting until time to eat only to find everything was frozen!

Very sad to read about the girl, and even sadder to know it was an acquaintance. After reading the articles on this I wonder about the rental car incident and if that was another murder?

William J. said...


Best laid plans. Sister wants to do today and tomorrow. I think it is a little early for ear but I am going to let her do them. So my planned menus for today and tomorrow are pushed back. And maybe excercise is what her muscles need. As to menus, it is just easier for me to plan them and if we go out instead of using the menus then I have a frozen dinner already to go. Because cooking is kind of new for me I am at that fond of it stage.

The news about the guy asking her for a ride just came out. It was part of the court filing. Not only a neighbor but a member of the same church. Any of us would give the guy a ride under those circumstances.

I think someone will eventually sue the insurance companies to get one of them to pay for the bra, especially if it turns out to detect cancer early on. I think your doctor is right on. He is being careful and that is what he should be.

If I stole a truckload of beer I would choose somewhere else but my front yard to sell it.

Himself is just luck to have someone fix meals for him!


William J. said...


I like to be busy but not so busy that the homefront and my clients don't get the attention they need and that is where I've been the last couple of weeks. Today and Tomorrow are me days so that is great.

A lot of menus are predicated about what is on sale. Safeway here has what they call $5 Friday and you can get some really nice cuts of meat faily cheap. So I usually shop on Friday and what I buy then dictates the menus. Sometimes it is a from scratch meal, some times it is a prepared meal, some times it is a combination. I find I save money by doing menus. I end up dooing meals for less than two bucks a plate.

Being diabetic does make a huge difference because you have to be so damn careful with the ingredients. The Shankster is lucky to have you!

I also love leftovers!

I am not sure, there are unsolved murders in the Portland area and the rental car might be connected to one of them.