Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

A little late today. My computer is still downloading my income tax update. It is taker longer than it would for me to read war and peace.  I have to get the program updated so that I can finish some work tasks that are already late. I'm really thankful to have a local library close to me where I can go and use their computers. That is where I am now.

Halloween today. Trick or treaters tonight. I always hand out full sized candy bars. I've become a neigborhood tradition! It is going to be a short night, however.  I'm only going to keep the candy give-a-way going for an hour or so?  Why? This is might night at Mom's so I need to be there to help get her ready for bed and she always does that at seven. The candy gifts or limited tonight to the hour between 5:30 and 6:30.
Could be worse.

What are the most popular costumes for this year?  Neither Gov.  Romney or President Obama make the list:

What is the most popular candy to hand out on Halloween?

Only Milky Way  and Baby Ruth made my list. I hand out a varity of full sized bars inlcuding Milky Way, Hersheys, Three Musketeers, Heath Bars, Snickers, Baby Ruth and a host of others.

I didn't decorate my house or my yard. If I did decorate my house it would be inside or on my porch not my yard. I would choose one of these decorations:




Lady DR said...

Happy Halloween to all. Sorry your software is taking so long - Himself is running into the same thing with switching to Windows8 (which I have no intention of doing anytime soon, given his experience thus far!)

We don't get trick or treaters here on our little circle. Used to get lots in Clearwater area and I dressed in costume to hand out treats.

Now, really, why would kids want to dress like candidates, when there are so many other interesting, exciting and appealing options (G)

I'm with you on the candy bars, if you add Hersey Krackles, although we used to get the mini variety, primarily because we'd get as many as a hundred kids. I do remember when we got apples and oranges and homemade treats, from cookies to candies to fudge. Pity the "bad guys" spoiled all that (altho I'm not sure how many folks make homemade goodies anymore)

I do decorate the house for fall. Lots of silk flower arrangements, funky table mats, a couple plant holders and numerous of the "plant sticks" that are scarecrows, a few sit-around scare crows and such. Outside decorations are limited to sticking silk fall flowers into the planter by the door and the one in the middle of the entry garden. I like the bright colors, as the days grow shorter and darker. Pretty much have a system that doesn't take long to do, but is fun to have around.

dona said...

Well it looks like I won't get one of your full sized candy bars again tonite! Can't get there in time..:)

DR, I also remember getting the homemade treats...and yes such a downer that had to get ruined. I also would dress up to hand out treats, I loved it, I used to decorate a bit like you, putting things around inside the home that I like, fall colors mostly. When the kids were tiny maybe a few of the witches or pumpkins to hang up. But I never put any outside.


William J. said...


Waiting for the software to do its thing was very trying but when all is said and done the income tax program is now working like a charm! It even recored lost data for my clients. Which is going to save me a lot of work.

I get anywhere from fifteen to fifty depending on the weather and other parties being thrown in the area. I kind of like seeing the little ones and their parents.

I never thought about dressing like the canidates although one year I did dress up as JFK.

I love Hershey Krackles. I always like the fresh baked items. They were good until some cruel doofus put a razor blade in an apple.

I had you pegged as someone who would decorate up for Halloween. I would love to see your house! For any holiday!


William J. said...

Hi Dona

I will mail you a whole package of full sized candy bars!

I love that you dressed up to hand out candy. That is the kind of spirit that makes holidays more fun.