Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Trying Night

I had fun handing out the candy to about forty trick or treaters last night. Then the evening took a dramatic turn for the worse. I was at Mom's last night and it was a very frightening night. Mom had so much pain she couldn't sleep last night. I was up most of the night trying to think of remedies. I think there was a point last night that I almost lost her. My total night's sleep was about an hour and a half. I'm beat today. Mom's asleep as I write this so I came home to get some things done. My plan for the day is to try do things during the day that will alleviate Mom's pain during the day that hopefully will make for a better night for her. Well, enough poor me and on to today's entry.

Sandy has been the main focus news for a few day. The destruction is mind-boggling. I hope everyone gets their power back on soon and that all of their homes get fixed. Whenever there is a tragedy there are heroes:
There a a lot of reasons I am not very fond of flying. Add one more to my list:

Some of Mom's pain is due to arthritis so the following article had interest to me:

Please pray for Mom and for Me. We both need them. Then comment Away


dona said...

Wow 40 trick or treaters? That is a lot, we got 1!!! and it was a niece so no surprise. lol It was just one of many adjustments to coming here, no trick or treaters.

So sorry to hear mom is in so much this normal for her? I hadn't noticed you saying much about that before, but if its one thing that will kill a good nites sleep...its pain! I hope she is better today, and you find some remedies that work. Prayers coming for both of you.

Tell her I went to McDonalds today and showed a few people that trick you showed us here about the ketchup cups!!! Hey maybe she didn't eat enough ketchup yesterday, get her quota today and she may do better tonite!! :)

Lady DR said...

Glad you enjoyed the trick or treaters. I'm so sorry to hear Mom was in so much pain. I'm well aware one of the most difficult parts of being a caregiver is seeing someone we love in pain and not being able to "fix" it. Have you talked with her doctor, to see if there's anything he/she can recommend. IF Mom's hurting, she's not healing and sleep is critical to healing. (HUGS) to both of you.

Interesting slide show on the heroes in Hurricane Sandy. Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy seeing how people step up to the plate, when needed.

Uh, no, a snake on a plane would NOT make my day.

Good recommendations in the arthritis article. Actually, a lot of them apply to anyone who's over the age of sixty or sixty-five, especially throw rugs and extra lighting and such. There's simply no denying that as we get older, we're sometimes a bit less steady, our eyesight isn't as good as it was and it's just easier to make life convenient.

Sending lots of prayers to you and your mom and hoping tonight is better and you can find some relief for her pain.

Mary said...

Sending prayers, Bill. Definitely agree with DR, call the doctor. They've got lots of things that help with pain now, something is sure to work for her. Hugs to you both.

William J. said...

Hi Dona.

Just one! I'd have been disappointed.

The pain is normal for my Mom, the level of the night before last was not normal, it was at such levels she couldn't function. She is doing better today. I tried everything yesterday and think maybe the combination worked.

Ah, I love that you and DR tried the new ketchup method! Mom has moved on now from ketchup to honey mustard. It was an unexpected and stark change a couple of days ago.


William J. said...


The prayers worked because mom had a much better night and so did I. The doctors basically have done all they can. She is already on three different kinds of pain medication. We have been to the doctors so much trying to find a solution and they all say the same thing. You are almost 97 and we just can't do anymore with the pain.

And in tragedies it always seems that people do step up to the plate. Not only stepping up to the plate but doing things often one would think is beyond human capabilities.

A snake anywhere would not make my day but under my seat? I am so our of there.

That is one of the things I've noticed about the health articles. Even though they are often for a certain type of disease the suggestions can apply to people suffering from other diseases. Makes the suggestions even more valuable.


William J. said...

Hi Mary

The prayers worked as mom slept better and so did I. The doctors pretty much have done all they can. She is on three pain medications including Oxycodiene.