Thursday, November 8, 2012

Finds, Idiots, & Tricks

Last day at Mom's Taking her out to lunch. Then cooking dinner. Then watching Jeopardy with her. Then when I hopefully get the final Jeopardy question right off to home for a me day tomorrow. Going to go to FLIGHT.

Today we are doing finds, idiots, and tricks. Weird combination.

First up is a good find and a good anniversary gift:

Next up is an idiot?

Closing with a trick. Is it better than the ketchup trick?

Comment Away,


Lady DR said...

Glad you ahve a "me" day coming up and hope you thoroughly enjoy it.

What a great find on the engagement ring. I can only imagine how delighted the woman is to have it recovered and returned. A wonderful anniversary present.

The idiot? Quite frankly, I think she got off lightly. And I don't think there's really anything wrong with the judge's "sentence." For many people, paying a $250 fine isn't a big deal nor a big deterrent. Two hours of humiliation would have more impact, I'm thinking.

I watched the apple trick and understand the logic, but I think I'll stick with the ketchup trick, thank you.

dona said...

Don't forget to let us know about Flight, I think it looks to be full of suspense, but you never know.

Great story about the Ring find after so long. You know the Shankster and I used to metal detect, we loved it, we found a class ring and was sure the owner would have loved to get it back, they just hung up on us!

The Idiot? Yeah an idiot, world is full of them. I agree, the fine or time wasn't high or long enough.

Apple trick, I loved it, we have a few apples & I cannot wait to try this and impress the Shankster! :)

William J. said...


The me day coming up is must needed and appreciated!

I cannot think of a better anniversary gift than the lost ring. There is no other gift in this world that would mean more for that woman than the lost ring. I am glad she had her moment.

I'm with you, the woman that went on the sidewalk to get around the buss got off easily. It is one thing to avoid the law and pass the buss, that is stupid, to go on to the sidewalk is idiotic at best and she deserves whatever she gets.

I don't know the apple trick looks kind of interesting but I think I will let Dona be our guinia pig.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

I like the normal people review of movies. What people like you and I say about a move. And the report on FLIGHT is extremely positive. Everyone loves is as they did ARGO. So I am excited about seeing it.

I love that you and The Shankster used to metal detact, what an interesting hobby and what an interesting fact to know about you! What an idiot for hanging up on you about the class ring. Dumb jerk.

That makse three of us that think the woman got off lightyly.

Let us know how the apple trick went!