Monday, November 5, 2012


Looking forward to a work day. And I am looking forward to being alone today. I like talking sometimes and mostly like having good conversations. However, once in a while I just like to keep my thoughts to myself and not feel I have to talk to contribute to a conversation.

Is this a big conversation?

If I lived in California I think I would like to have a conversation with Safeway just to set them straight:
I would also like to have a conversation with young Nico Castro. Just to tell him I am proud of him and that he is a hero.,,20640514,00.html

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

I hear you. There are just times I like to not talk and times I don't even want to hear others talk. Quiet is often a precious commodity these days.

Fascinating story about the elephant!

As to Safeway... sigh. Greed. IF a price is posted for an item, be it on the shelf or in a "specials" flyer, that's the price to charge. I don't know how computerized Safeway is, but this problem could lie with corporate. Example: Several of our stores here have both weekly specials, then have additional specials if you have one of their "cards." The computers are set so when an item is scanned, the special price shows. If it's a special for card holders, the item is scanned, it shows the regular price, then shows the subtraction of the card discount. I think there have been two occasions in twelve years when a card discount didn't show up and the cashier caught it, manually entered the discount and immediately called the manager over to contact IT and get the software fixed. Unless they're saving money, even with the overcharging, sounds to me like Safeway customers would be well advised to show elsewhere. That might get Safeway's attention.

Great story about young Nico. What a thoughtful, caring and compassionate young man, to worry about others, given the challenges he's facing. I suspect his parents are much the same, especially given his dad's offer of the auto store for his campaign for holiday costumes.

dona said...

I also like to talk, maybe sometimes a little too much too early, so the Shankster will just say, "Wait a minute this is my quiet time"

I like the elephant story such an amazing creature!

We don't have a Safeway close to us, but I have been in them before and never had this happen, but it does happen to me all the time in Walmart, I am getting to where I don't want to even shop there, and wouldn't if I had another choice closer.

William J. said...


One of the hardest things about being at Mom's is sometimes I just want to be alone to think or chill. I do have a room to go to but if I do that Mom gets her feelings hurt. That is why I am often drained when I get home.

The elephant story just kind of fascinated me.

Greed seems to be the downfall of most companies. You advertise a price you charge that price. Seems simple enough to me. Safeway is pretty computerized and the problem does probably have something to do with corporate but the people at the stores need to be the ones paying attention. And the customers do too. If Safeway keeps making the same problem over and over again and refuses to correct it shoppers should go elsewhere.

The Nico story just charmed men. Usually in these sweet and thoughtful kid stories there are thoughtful and good parents somewhere in the picture.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

Good for The Shankster for standing up for his quiet time. Good for you for letting him have it!

There are many amazing animals, this elephant is one of them!

Add me to the list of those that quit shopping at Walmart. Their policies including pricing and how they treat employees are to much for me to support them.