Thursday, November 29, 2012


Today we are all about tips.

From elevators to toasted cheese sandwiches.

How put a lesson in keeping your brain young?

Now how about household cleaners?

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Great tips. Not sure I'll try the sideways oven. I like the can opener for the plastic enclosures. Will certainly be trying that!

Am all for another means of keeping the brain active and keeping the rest of you healthy. I think your blog is a part of that, making us think as we respond. I think journaling and writing are good. Board games - we ought to play more of those around here.

I knew about the walnuts for scratched furniture and, yes, it works quite well. I'm going to try the bag of vinegar on the shower head and also on the faucet in the shower.

Will likely be going back to this blog post, as there are already items I thought were good ideas and they've escaped me. My mind is mush lately - information overload.

William J. said...


Thanks for the nice comments about the blog.

I don't think I will try the sideways oven either.

My mom has me doing word finds and the puzzle in the morning papers. We play a lot of Scrabble. And Yahtze. At Christmas time will play "Catch Phrase" which is a hoot. I think it keeps us all young.

I didn't know about the walnuts or anything in the article. I am going to try the walnuts and a few other things in the article.

There is a search feature on the blog so if you lose today's entry you can alway use the search word "tips" and it will show any post that used that word.