Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sidewalk Surfing, Buildings, & Lying.

Looking forward to a productive and To Do list attacking day.

Remember a few days ago when we had a foolish woman that drove on a sidewalk to get around a school bus. I come down on the side of not driving on sidewalks. Here is why:


Since it is kind of cold outside I plan on staying inside most of the time. Except maybe going from the car to a building. Some of the buildings may not even look like buildings:


I also don't plan on lying to much. I'd like to say not lying at all but that is really impossible isn't it?


Comment Away and then go and have a great day.


Lady DR said...

Hope you had a productive To Do List day. They always make me feel better about my world.

Interesting how many people thought the woman driving on the sidewalk got off lightly.

Intriguing buildings. I particularly liked the library - how unique.

The article on lying was also interesting, particularly the video that went with it. Yes, I think we all probably lie, for various reasons. Like when someone says, "How are you" and we say, "Fine," despite the fact we're hurting in some way. Or we're not totally truthful in a response to someone we love, because we don't want to hurt them or make them feel bad. I guess the question becomes whether these small lies lead to larger ones. The comments about lying to appear to be more comfortable, secure, wealthy, successful to strangers takes that a step further.

It's the lack of honesty (integrity?) in so much of the media, in politics, in corporations, in larger arenas, lies that hurt a large number of people, that bothers me, because it seems too often people lie, when the truth would serve better. I often think we'd be in much better case, as individuals, corporations, a nation, if we could tell the truth. And her point about being willing to be deceived is a good one. We hear what we want to hear, without looking beneath the surface and questioning what we're being told. IMHO, we are constantly being deceived by everything/ everyone from advertisements to politicians to even charitable groups. If someone is offering what we think we want, we're willing to believe they can provide it.

William J. said...


I loved the buildings and you picked out the one, the library, that I liked the best.

I think it is really easy to transition from lying to not hurt someone's feelings to lying to protect yourself to lying for no reason at all. It can become a habit.

I am with you and the media. They no longer are journalists they are hacks for the ideology they believe in. Fox News is really the Republican Pravada station. MSNBC is the Democrat hack station. Instead of telling us the news they slant the news to help their view. You are right there is no integrity anymore in the news.