Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Watched the elections at Mom's last night. I am going to take a while to digest the results. I'm glad Obama won. I want to see how in can do in office when he doesn't have to worry about getting re-elected. I want to see how he can do when the opposing party's main goal will no longer be to keep him from getting re-elected. I was very pleased with the very gracious speech by Mitt Romney. I was also excited by his plea for prayers for President Obama and his call for everyone to work together.
Mom is playing bridge today so it should be an easy day for me. I tell you my Mom could hold how to classes on how to play bridge. To honor her today all the articles are how to articles.

How do you get those nasty wrinkles out of your shirts and skirts?

Do you have the sniffles? Allergy? Cold? How do you know?

You got your clothes looking nice, you now have treated either the allergy or the cold, and you are ready for a job.

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Lady DR said...

Like you, I'm digesting results. I was pleased Romney was gracious. I was also pleased to see Obama comment he planned to sit down with Romney and discuss the problems facing the country. After the divisiveness of the campaign, and giving the divisiveness and partisianship we've seen in Congress and between them and the president, I hope this will be a step forward in Washington starting to work together to resolve the many troublesome issues facing the nation.

Interesting articles. Not sure I'll try the non-wrinkle method. I have found that pitching wrinkled items into the dryer with a wet towel can often work wonders.

Good tips on how to tell a cold from an allergy, for people of all ages.

Equally interesting about principals, what they do, the requirements and so forth. One thing I didn't see mentioned was the necessity for principals to be able to "play politics," in terms of negotiating the best for their students, be it fiscal or policy issues. Himself holds degrees and certification for both principal and district superintendent but, after five years in the public school system, pursued other avenues, primarily because of the political issues. A friend of ours is a retired middle school teacher, who retired early because of the forces of politics and remains bitter, as his school was one of the highest rated, because he fought daily for the best for the students and teachers. One of my clients wrote two "fiction" books on being an administrator in an inner city school, all based on true experiences. All of these put together make me wonder why folks go into education, given the politics and day-to-day battles on behalf of students. Teachers through principals deserve special medals, from everything I've seen and heard.

William J. said...


I think second term presidents do a better job than first term presidents because they don't have to please anyone so they can make decisions based on what is best for the country instead of what they have to do to get re-elected. I understand President Obama has already called the leaders in Congress and it wouldn't surprise me if he appointed Romney to a role in the administration.

I've never heard of the wet towel trick but now I am going to try it.

I never knew Himself had that background. What a very interesting man. I sure would like to meet him. Politics is the downfall of so many occupations. Wish we could live without them.