Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gifts & Health.

Heading out to Mom's to fix her lunch and get her house set up for her bridge club. Then running errands and back to Mom's for fixing dinner and spending the night. Tomorrow at Mom's all day and most likely will take her frame shopping. She has decided her Christmas gifts this year will be her paintings. Some she has painted a few years back, some she is painting now. Since starting painting again she has painted two pictures. Marvelous they are. I am taking her frame shopping Thursday. The painting is actually hepling her arthritic hands. Here some other tips to help arthritis:

Speaking of gifts. Here is my kind of CEO:

Back to health:

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Some busy Mom days, after your time off. I am so pleased to hear she's giving her paintings as Christmas gifts and equally pleased she's back to painting. What a bonus that it helps her arthritis.

Interesting article on natural aids for arthritis. I would really like to see us go back to some of the proven natural remedies for a lot of issues.

Kudos to Lucken!

As to cooking methods... I'm not real objective, given I don't care to cook at all, so grilling, roasting and the crock pot are among my favorite methods. Who knew that roasting was a "bad" thing? When Himself had his heart attack, I was encouraged to roast meats, as a healthy food preparation method. I seriously doubt I'll go to using the recommended methods very often. One issue is that Himself heartily dislikes anything boiled or poached or the like. That may be partially due to his time in Africa, where they boiled almost everything, including the T-bone steaks the company sent over for the guys to celebrate 4th of July one year. (No, they didn't lynch the native cook, but it was a near thing!)

William J. said...


The bad. Mom really hurt her knee and it is bruised.

The good. Mom is even a better painter now then she was before. Her paintings are incredible. I might post a picture of a couple of her paintings she just finished.

Natural remedies would be so much better for us then the drugs we are taking. I would also like to see us go back to them,

Lucken is my kind of guy.

I'm with Himself. I hate anything poached. And most things boiled. Except maybe soup.

I also don't roast very many things. Except a roast.