Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday? No. Good Friday? Yes.

I'm sure in the heck not shopping on Black Friday. I'd rather watch one hundred hours of Gilligan Island reruns.

Are your stuffed? I am. We had a nice dinner and good conversation and I got home early last night. Since we had a good day yesterday I am going to change the mood today from Black Friday to Good Friday.

Thanksgiving day started out with me reading the following article:

The true meaning of sports can be found in the above article.

Then I read the following article off of the Internet:

I'm thankful that they are people like that in the world.

The early this morning I watched a video.

I got younger just watching the video.

Comment Away.


Mary said...

You know, I thought Black Friday was called that because it's so horrible to shop. Then I heard last week that it's called that because it's the day many retail businesses go into the black from being in the red for the year. You probably already knew that, but now I like the name Black Friday a lot more.

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, ours was wonderful too.

Lady DR said...

Like you, I avoid Black Friday like the plague. There's just nothing I need enough to be up at midnight and caught in a mob scene. I stopped at the grocery to pick up Himself's prescriptions. End of shopping.

Yes, I stuffed myself yesterday. We did the Thanksgiving buffet at the Hilton and I can't remember when I've seen so much food! Talk about decadent and conspicuous consumption, but it was delicious, from the seafood buffet for starters, through all the traditional dishes and desserts to die for. Came home for an hour's lie-down.

Loved all the articles. What a story the guy tells about the volley ball team and how open he was about his initial hesitation and how the story evolved. The cab driver gets lots of gold stars, as do others who have done the same.

As to the video - I watched it and the second one that was embedded in the article. Let me win the lottery and I'm making a reservation for one of those assisted living facilities!

dona said...

I don't do the Black Friday either, and I never knew what the name meant either until a couple of years ago so it also made more sense to me then.
I did have to run up to find some bread to go with my ham I fixed yesterday. Seems what I got at the grocery on Monday already was stale, and you can't have stale bread with fresh ham now can you?

Oh and I have to say I actually loved watching Gilligan Island, but trying to watch the reruns are brutal...why is that? :)

Hoping everyone has a good weekend.

William J. said...

Hi Mary.

Glad your Thanksgiving was great! It is always a fun day.

Black Friday is named as you stated, because retailers enter the black. But it has become such a horrible day to shop with guns being pulled in lines, people being trampled, and so forth. Any sale just isn't worth that with me.


William J. said...


That makes all of that avoid Black Friday. Anything I would buy would be available later and at not that much more of a price. I don't need the free donuts either. The grocery store is a good place to be on Black Friday. I also picked up my prescriptions Friday.

Thanksgiving is the day to stuff yourself. The Thanksgivings that we ate out we really enjoyed. No cleanup and plenty of food. The Hilston Buffet sounds wonderful.

That is what I liked about Canzano's article, it was honest. He didn't want her on his team at first and then he learned from her.

That was a lot of money for the Cab Driver, an honest man. I hope I would have done the same.

The video just made me smile. Like you if I am winning the lottery I am heading there.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

We all stay home on Black Friday, YEA!

That is awful that the bread spoiled so fast. We keep ours in the fridge and it seems to work. And no you cannot have stale bread with good ham.

I also liked Gillgan's Island but one hundred hours of reruns might be a little much!

Hope your weekend is great also!