Monday, October 8, 2012

Attacking The To Do List

I am having a successful morning knocking eight items off of the to do list. Taking a break from to do list attacking to report in with today's blog entry.

I had breakfast this morning but really wouldn't remember anything else I've eaten. Would you wear this wristband:

Would that lead you to mindful eating as a tool to relax?

Have you given any thought to the ten things every man should know? I really haven't and there on some things on the dudes list that I would disagree with. I also think there are a lot of things on the list that women should also do or know:

Comment Away and the go out and enjoy the holiday, Columbus Day.


Lady DR said...

Good job on the to-do list. I always feel better when I have a list and check things off, even if it's occasional mental, rather than written (but written is better, because it's visible (g))

Probably won't do the wrist band thing. I couldn't even be consistent with a simple pedometer (wry s).

The mindful eating makes sense to me. I know one doesn't meditate on a full stomach or for at least an hour or more after eating, because the stomach functions interfere. However, I'd not thought about taking just a few minutes to do some deep breathing before eating a meal. It makes sense to me and I shall begin practicing that. While the article doesn't exactly say it, I suspect (from research and reading and exploration), even a moment or two of deep breathing and resultant relaxation affects the metabolism and how the body processes foods.

Thought the "ten things" was as applicable to women and men and I really couldn't find a whole lot to disagree with, in terms of suggestions for sleep, eating, exercise, breaks from work. Since I'm not a party animal (did that a long time ago, no desire to repeat), those issues didn't affect me. However, a lot of them were pretty much common sense things we sometimes need to be reminded of.

Thanks for good articles.

Celebrating the holiday means Himself insists we are going out to eat, even if it's fast food. That means getting dressed (been in housecoat to do editorial all day) and putting on a shoe. It will be character building, if nothing else. Am so looking forward to having Dr. St. J do an alignment tomorrow, as I'm hoping it will help with the epidural taking effect.

William J. said...


Second attempt at responding this time I am saving my words before posting.

I put everything on my to do list because it feels so good when I take one off of it.

I will never wear the wrist band but I love my pedometer.

I've never really consistently meditated but maybe I am sure. I really didn't know you were supposed to do it on an empty stomach. I think I will also start taking deep breaths before eating.

I thought the ten things didn't need to be gender specific. You hit all the ones I agreed with and the one that I have no use for. I just am not a party guy and only have been for a very short time in my life. But those nights when I stay up past nine I may use some of the suggestions.

Hope your holiday dinner out was good and not to painful for you.