Saturday, October 20, 2012

Errand Day

My mom is really having a tough go of it with the loss of my brother. She did play bridge yesterday. She said she would like to get out today so I am heading over there soon to take her to lunch. If she is up to it great, if not I will fix lunch there. I have dinner already for the troops tonight. Turkey pot roast, green beans, sweet potato steak fries, and a sugar free ice cream bar. The rest of the day will be to do list attacking.

We talked about revenge the other day on the blog, this is the ultimate revenge. I wonder if the ex is going to try get back into his good graces. Sorry to say if it were me, no way Jose.

I love story of those succeeding despite obstacles put in front of them. I love it more when it involves a seven year-old.

Those pesky buttons. You know the ones that keep falling off. I've got just the answer for you should one of those darn buttons fall of in public.

Off to run errands. Dry Cleaners, Grocery Store, Dollar Tree, Mom's, Wendy's, Mom's, Shower, and relax.

What are you doing today? Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

I'm sorry to hear your mom is having a tough go with her brother's death, but I'm not surprised. I know it was tough for Mom. I think it still is, but she doesn't talk about it. I know one of the hardest times was in IL, when no one seemed to realize she'd lost not only her little sister, but the last of her family, until you get to second and third cousins. I keep her and you in my prayers.

Yes, living well is definitely the best revenge and I'm glad he has no interest in the girl friend, who must be gnashing her teeth at this point.

Yea for the seven year old with a heart full of jazz to share with the world. It also appears he has a father who, while not quite understanding what's happening, is supporting his son.

Uh, what's the answer to what to do with the pesky buttons? Is this a quiz.

I thoroughly cleaned and organized my office area, since that's not some place I want the cleaners messing with. They can clean all around the desk area, but not my little island. Pulled all the handicraft books, writing books and painting books out of the library, to be given to the appropriate groups. Made a sizable dent. Now to get them delivered. Tried working on the ms, but am now finding confusing information and can't find information I found before and the templates are... interesting and have no instructions. When I reduced size, the charts all went to you-know-where and my attempts to fix didn't work, 'cause there are no codes to tell me tables end or cells can be reduced (I will learn to tolerate Word, but I doubt I'll ever love it. Ergo, I called it a day, rather than going ballistic (which I would have done a few weeks ago) and decided to come back another day.

And now, I must consider dinner. Mine is certainly not going to be as yummy and well balanced as yours!(G)

dona said...

Hi Bill, so sorry to hear your mom isn't fairing well over the loss of her brother. But I can understand it. I think you may do a great job at helping her by keeping her busy, like you seem to stay.

Yes such sweet revenge for the guy to win after his girlfriend dumped him, I do hope he keeps uninterested and doesn't let her back in.

Such a nice story about the 7 year old, very heartwarming.

Is the Pesky Button question a quiz? How long do we have to answer? What is the prize? :)

Well today was the Shankster's birthday, so we didn't do anything. Ha! A few days ago we were in town for some reason so we ate out at his favorite restaurant...he said that was his birthday meal. But I did fix him a special breakfast(adding ham and cheese to his usual plain egg sandwich) Then let him purchase a PowerBall ticket(hopefully the winning one where I can share it) and I took him to the corner for a scoop of Turtle Treasure Ice Cream.(you know to seal the deal if he wins the lottery)

William J. said...


The Pesky button is a quiz and the question is, how in the world did bill forget to include the link in the original post. It is in there now.

You hit the nail on the head with mom. The last of her family and kind of the feeling that she should go first. Thank you for the prayers they are appreciated and needed.

Living well is always the best revenge. The ex just must be shaking her head.

You do have to admire the dad for supporting his son and his son's talents.

You did find some good cleaners then? Glad you made the sizable dent. How awful about the templates. What a annoying setback.

I have become the mast of balanced meals.


William J. said...

Hi Dona


May this be the start of the greatest year ever for you. You deserve a great year after all that you have been through the past couple of years. Burn the 2012Calendar and send it to the nether regions.

I kind of expected Mom not handling this well, they were really close. Heck I'm not handling it well either.

I'm with you, I hope the winner doesn't change his mind about the ex.

The story about the young jazz kid was heartwarming, loved it.

The answer to the quiz is that I am the doofus who forget to include a link.

Powerball is 90 Mil GOOD LUCK!!!


Betty Jung said...

Bill. Being that your mother is an artist there are two places she might be interested in going to. The Portland Art Museum currently has an exhibit by an 96 year-old artist who didn't get into her stride until she was 82 although she really started when she was very young. Her name is Eunice Parsons. Also, there is a gallery called the Geezer Gallery for those over 60. They used to be in Multnomah but are now in the Pearl District. Your Mom is such a great artist and she might enjoy one of these or both places - just a thought to lift her spirits and a change of venue. My condolences on the loss of your Uncle and her brother.

William J. said...

Hi Betty

Thank you for the suggestions even if I can't get Mom to go I would be interested in going to the Portland Art Museum so see that exhibit.

Love the name Geezer Gallary and am going to make a point of visiting there also.


Lady DR said...

Thanks for adding the link. The one real tip I got was fixing small holes in screens. It has to be prettier than screen tape, if you catch it early enough (wry s).

Dona, wish the Shankster a happy day and many more to follow. Fingers crossed on the power ball.