Friday, October 26, 2012

Animal Magic

I woke up in my own home this morning and it was really nice. I did miss mom a little pit. We had a decent four days. Had a lot of fun. She got better. My sister wants to do today and tomorrow. I kind of think this is a little early but my controlling nature is giving in to her controlling nature. I'm letting her do it. Who knows maybe exercise is what the muscles and nerves need. Today I have to work my nether regions off to catch up on the home front. It will feel good to get some home problems solved and some work done.

I am going to work like an animal today so in honor of my hard work to be, today's blog will all about animals.

If I knock at least five items off my to do list I will be in hog heaven.

No time for golf today.

My brother's nickname for me in high school sports was Wild Willie. That is because I made up for lack of talent with wild effort. It usually meant I got hurt more than anybody else but I usually made the team. Speaking of wild things.
Comment Away.


dona said...

Hi Wild Willie, It is always nice to sleep in your own bed and I am glad sister is doing well enough to control you. :)

I wonder how your nether regions even can catch up to you most days, as much as you run around.

Neat story about the Colby the Hog, although tough to lose so much to a fire, glad they are working through it, and have things to be thankful for.

I sent the golf article to dad, he will get a kick out of it, I don't think anything like that has happened where he golfs...yet.

Funny about the animal video, we just today saw 3 coyotes, in a field eating, right in town, within 5 minutes drove right back by the same place, only to find them all up at the fence of a backyard of a home. We were going to let them know but the owner was out there guarding watch as he had several small dogs. Crazy!

Lady DR said...

Will hold good thoughts Sis is able to care for Mom and it goes well. Good for you, giving her a shot at it. Given the time you've been gone and all you do, trying to catch up in a day sounds about as crazy as some of the goals I set for myself.

Liked the story about Colby finding the cat. What a tragedy for the farm/ranch. So glad others are pitching in to help out.

Funny story about the shark on the golf course. Gold stars to the guy who rescued it and the quick thinking of those who got it into salt water and back to the ocean.

The video on coyotes was like fingernails on a blackboard, simply because of the pronunciation. Himself tells me this is a pronunciation used by ranchers in a a small area of the country, mostly Texas area. I've never heard it pronounced anything other than (phonetically) ki-oat. And believe me, we had them in plenty in the midwest! They became such a threat to livestock, hunters were encouraged to organize hunts for them.

Yes, coyotes and other wild animals are coming closer and becoming more common in urban areas. We had coyotes in the woods behind us, right up near the fence, a year or so ago, which caused Spook to raise a major hue and cry and which is why Scamp wasn't allowed out without human supervision her first year. Even now, she only goes out when Spook is with her. We've always had deer in and around urban areas in G'ville County, which is why the deer lady blew my mind. We also have the occasional fox and I have heard of a small mountain lion or two being sighted not too far away.

What do we expect? We've taken over their natural habitats, built houses, paved greenlands, either with roads or driveways or parking lots.. We've set up one acre lots, two and three acre "ranchettes" in areas they've considered their homes for decades or longer. I've known folks who get really bent about it. Fortunately, I also know a number of folks who understand they've taken over their homes and have learned to live with them, especially deer and such, and take steps to protect gardens, without harming the wildlife. Actually, how cool is it to see a deer in your back yard? My only concern comes when you have a predatory critter, like the coyote, or a potentially dangerous one, like a hungry bear, looking to feed and/or protect cubs, who may have also have run out of areas where it would find its normal food supply and turns to domestic animals as a substitute. Not sure just how one deals with that, quite frankly.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

I kind of took the day off yesterday. I did do five things on my to do list but did the easy ones. So I am a little more behind.

Colby gave a family that lost so much hope and something to be thankful for, which is why I loved the story.

I hope your dad enjoyed the article. I've seen sharks on the golf course before, just not that kind of sharks.

I've seen a deer, coyote, and bear all near here. I'd be scared if I still had Katie and I do take protection a long when I walk.


William J. said...


Sis and Mom did fine without me yesterday. Well, not at first. There was some problems in the morning but I stayed out of it.

Others pitching and in Colby finding the cat are the two things that are keeping that family going. People really do step up in a crisis.

The guy that resuced and the ones that helped him were amazing. And to think to get it back to the ocean. Amazing. A lot about that story to like.

I never really thought about the pronunciation. I just assumed, like Himself, that they were in a different area and said things different than we did. They probably hate the way we say coyote. They are becoming a real threat to livestock here now too.
I am surprise beer haven't been near your house. Mountain lions would scare me the most.

I liked your rant. It is right on. I suppose one could say we did the same thing to the wild animals that we did to the Indians.