Friday, October 12, 2012

Health Friday

Up early this morning to attack my to do list. A combination of working at my desk and running errands. I will hold off until Monday to go to a movie. I am going to Argo. But today is all about getting things done.

We are lucky to have the author of When Someone You Love Has Cancer as a follower and commenter on this blog. DanaRae could written the following article and probably done better with it:

Staying with the health theme. Strokes. Watch out for them.

Life is temporary. We are all going to bite it one day. I am hoping for me and everyone reading this that it is far off in the future. However, I believe in the hereafter. I enter a room and wonder what I am here after. Do you believe in life after death:

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Lady DR said...

Good job on the to-do list.

Thank you for the kind words and sharing the article. Holly raises some of the points in the edition to be published, "A Cancer Caregiver's Handbook," the chapter for friends and families. Yes, comments may be well intended or, often, thoughtlessly made. Some can do more harm than good. I'm so glad to see this article and plan to check out her blog. We've made so many advances and our survival rates for many forms of cancer are much improved. Still, before making a quick comment to a cancer patient, stop and ask yourself how you'd be feeling, if you knew you were facing the possibility of death from cancer. Or, just ask yourself how you'd be feeling or thinking, if you were battling for your life and that meant you felt pretty lousy most of the time, often as much from side effects of all the treatments as from the disease itself. (Putting away soapbox).

I couldn't get to the second site.

The third was interesting, particularly as a scientist and medical specialist raises the issue and describes his own experience.

Yes, I believe in life after death. Sometimes, I'm a little fuzzy on exactly what it means, but I believe the body dies, but the soul does not. Does the soul go to a heavenly realm, complete with wings and halos? Don't know. Does the soul return to earth as an invisible guardian for someone? Does it return in a different form or as a different "human," with lessons to learn or perhaps lessons to teach? I don't know. I do believe there is life after death and, to some extent, that life may be determined by how you've lived your previous life/lives, but I've no idea how it works, which is why there is such mystery surrounding death, I suppose.

William J. said...


I got a lot done with my to do list and since there is no Oregon game today I am going to be to do list attacking today to.

I love the title of the new book and am anxiously awaiting its publication. When I donated my time at a cancer research center several years back they had passed the 50% survivial rate. It is improving every year. I remember when I was recovering from the accident how ticked I used to be when someone healthy would tell me how lucky I was. Now I just do things for someone that I think needs doing and keep my mouth zipped and just listened.

I fixed the second link and checked it twice and it is working now.

I believe in life after death also and am a little confused about what it means. I just think heaven means all your pain goes away, you reconnect with the people and animals that were important to you and find eternal happiness. If leave earth before you were finished then you come back in another form to finish the job.