Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cat & The Door Step

Tuesday. Looks like another day at the ranch. Well not the ranch but Mom's ranch house. Sister is doing better but is in so much pain with the muscle pull that she is having trouble breathing. So it is Mom and I. Kind of the way it usually ends up.

Have you ever really stopped and looked at the front of your house? What's on the door step?


And just exactly is your cat or dog up to?


What is quilt worth? You know the one you used so much it holes in it? Your Mom made it and you just don't want to get rid of it.


Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Sorry to hear Sis is in such pain and you're on full time duty. (As if you aren't used to this!)

My doorstep? A large outdoor urn of silk fall flowers. Probably not too valuable.

Good job by the kitty! I'm afraid if it doesn't fly, run or leap, our critters have no interest (thank goodness, they can't catch anything they chase).

Valuables from the past? I do have some odd pieces of sterling silver that are probably valuable, if the siblings wouldn't kill me for selling them (which makes no sense, because I can almost guarantee the kids will sell them when they inherit, since they're all mismatched). The antique books are already with an appraiser, but there are more to look at and consider. The value of any item is always in the eyes of the beholder/buyer and I have to admit to being pretty much clueless, I'm afraid.

dona said...

Sorry to hear you are still on duty, Mr. Bill. Although I am sure you really don't mind all that much! :) I hope Sis gets well soon.

I have some large Sea Shells at my front door, I also don't think my trinkets are worth all that much. The Shankster watches a show about those valuable Meteorites, its crazy to me what you may think is just an ole rock is so valuable!?

I have a lot of old quilts that are truly ugly, but warm, keep them around just in case, maybe they are worth something? Naaa and I am also thinking of diggin out the few odd silver pieces I have, maybe get some gas $$~ LOL

William J. said...


Sis is improving but still in a lot of pain I think I got the Mom responsibility until the end of the weekend.

I'm guessing you have a nice decoration on your doorstep and front portch, you are that creative. My lille Katie was quite the hunter but mostly in her later years she just hunted down my lap to crawl on.

You know, if I were you I would sell the stuff and ask question later. Chances are the Siblings won't really remember the things you had anyhow. The local store here, Powell's, buys antique books. You can access them at powells.com. Add me to the list of people that are clueless about what things are worth.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

I really don't mind but of course it wouldn't matter if I did!

I like the idea of Sea Shells at your front door. You may be surprised at what things are worth! I have a moon rock somewhere. It would surprise me what it is worth, I am sure. I wasn't able to sell my pet rock though.

Don't laugh at those silver pieces they are probably worth a ton.