Monday, October 22, 2012

Boxers or Briefs?

Things change more often here than I change underwear. My sister pulled a muscle that runs down from her neck to her side and isn't good enough to take care of Mom. So I am at Mom's today. Maybe tomorrow. And maybe Wednesday.


Maybe while the young man is on the train he can study history:

The recent reports said that rice has arsenic in it. So since you can't eat it anymore I thought I would give you ideas as what to do with it:

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Lady DR said...

Sending positive, heali8ng thoughts for Sis. That sounds like a major "ouch."

Great story about the teen who got his ride on the train. Interesting he gave up his first choice, so his family could share the ride with him.

The rice thing... I read some stuff about it and it's been discussed at the pool and it seems there are some qualifiers, but danged if I can remember what they are. Had heard about using it for salt, and also as filler for a fabric tube you can put in either the freezer or microwave, but never thought about it for wet electronics. Am a bit skeptical about the cleaning solution idea, but what do I know?

Prayers, please, for a friend's wife, who's been diagnosed with central nervous system lymphoma. She's a two time cancer survivor, but this one isn't looking good.

William J. said...


I think my sister is out for at least a week so I am at Mom's through Thursday. They gave her some pain killers.

Him giving up his first choice is one of the reasons I loved the story. Makes me really like the kid and I am glad he got to fulfill a dream.

I don't think I would use rice for a phone but if the phone is dead then maybe why not.

Of course you and your friend have my prayers and anything else I can must. That is just to damn unfair for her to have to deal with cancer so many times.


dona said...

Hi Bill, sorry to hear about Sis, hope she heals quickly.

I haven't heard about the Rice thing...but as for the other ways to use rice.... I have used it for salt, also for heating/cooling fillers, (can't say I liked that one< but know others who swear by them) Never used it for drying wet electronics, or coffee grinder cleaner...but I have used it for cleaning bottles that are difficult to clean, and it works well!

To DR, Prayers headed your way for your friend, sorry to hear that.

William J. said...

Hello Delightful Dona

Sis is still in pain and I think will be for a week.

I never ever thought of using rice for salt that was new to me. ?Or cleaning bottles.

Best to you and The Shankster. Hope he is toeing the line.