Saturday, December 29, 2012

What Would You Do?

Saturday. Sister is returning home today. I missed her. Today is lunch with Mom and dinner for the troops.

There is a show on ABC called "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" It has a hidden camera and uses actors and actresses to act out situations to see how strangers would react to those situations. Maybe a mom is calling a daughter dumb or fat. Or maybe a waitress is treating someone with racial comments. I am always amazed at the strangers that stand up to the person doing the wrong thing. It really has become one of my favorite shows.

In honor of that show today we are doing a rip off of it and doing "What Would You DO".

What would you do if you bought some decorations, maybe Halloween or Christmas decorations, and when you got home, opened the box, there was a note asking for help. Would you do anything? If so, what?

I think I would call a reporter I know at the local newspaper.

What would you do if you were a security guard at a building and you discovered something out of order. You know if you bring it to someone's attention it could bring down the president and change the course of history? It also could put your life at risk. Would you do the right thing?

I would do the right thing. To protect myself I would shout it out to every reporter and every newspaper and every TV station hoping that if anything happened to me people would know why.

OK, you paid for valet parking at the local restaurant or the local shopping mall. You go back to your car and look on the receipt. Written on it is something insulting. "This guy is an ugly doofus." "This woman has a chest the size of the grand canyon." What would you do? Ignore and drive off? Confront the offenders?

I'd probably ignore it and drive home.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Glad Sis is home. I know you're giving her a couple days to catch up.

Interesting questions... I think, like you, I'd contact the media. The woman did go to Amnesty Int'l and got no response, which sent her to the media.

Again, I'm with you on finding something dangerous, as described by the security guard. Although, I'm pretty sure he probably had orders to call the police, if anything seemed out of order. I think that's pretty standard procedure.

As to the woman and the valet receipt, it seems much ado about nothing. While I'd be ticked off to find a derogatory comment on a ticket or receipt, I honestly can't say I'd be "devastated" by such or that it would change my life drastically and dramatically. I'd be more inclined to believe the writer was bored and had poor taste and no discretion.

William J. said...


What I think is interesting is we agreed on every question.

After going to the media the Human Rights Commission is looking into the letter.

People don't always follow orders but I agree with you, call the police.

And the last, just let it go and move on with your life.


dona said...

So Glad Sis made it home safely. I think its sweet you missed her. I hope you both get the rest you need before a new year.

I agree with you on all the articles. I found the people you never heard of article interesting.

Although I agree with you on the valet lady, I have to say I have gotten some rude remarks made to me upon entering a store, and even a garage sale, that I only wish I could have mustered up enough gumption to say to them what I felt at that moment...not to have them reward me with anything, just to feel that I had defended myself, so for that reason only I am glad the lady spoke up.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

Sorry it took so long to respond, I was at Mom's most of yesterday.

I also found the unknown article interesting and I agree with you, sometimes it is good to stand up for yourself. I can't tell you the number of times I came home and said "I wish I had said something"