Monday, December 17, 2012

Mistakes, Needles, and Whales.

I like days when I can knock several items off my to do list and this is going to be one of those days. Looking forward to it.

DR is done with her Christmas shopping. I'm not sure about Dona. I'm done with my Christmas Shopping. But I am guessing there are still out there with unfinished Christmas Shopping. Heck I will be there are those out there that haven't started Christmas shopping so here are some helpful tips:

Does anyone else hate shots as much as I do? I don't like having my blood tested either. I see a hypodermic needle within a thousand miles the sure bet is me running the opposite direction. However, the following article gives me up.

In closing let me just wish you a whale of a day:

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Lady DR said...

Yes, crossing items of the to-do list is very satisfying. Wish I had some "short term" projects on the one for this week!

Good points on the shopping mistakes slide show. Not sure I agree with all of them. For example, if you need several items from one online source, the shipping is often free, I found. Also, last year, I did most of my Christmas shopping at the lat minute and found I didn't have large crowds on a weekday and I got some fantastic bargains. The others pretty much hold true, I think.

Yea! on the porcupine quills. I don't see them helping much with the blood draws, but for long term IVs and such, they sound promising. I do know several nurses have mentioned that men are much more likely to keep over during a blood draw that women. Go figure.

Interesting video. Wonder where it was taken. Poor kids sounded terrified. For the most part, in AK, whales kept their distance and put on a show and boaters made no effort to get close. One fact is that if you have your motor idling, it will draw whales, who have some sort of affinity for the underwater sounds. More than one Boston whaler or other small boat in the Juneau area, who left a motor idling, was upended by a whole drawn to the vibration and coming up *under* the boat, with the obvious result. Rarely did boaters, whether commercial or recreational, let a small boat motor idle for any period of time. Cut the motor and you cut the attraction. Most whales are more curious than vicious, although not always the case.

William J. said...


But the long term projects are even more exciting when you knock them off your to do list.

Good points on the shopping mistakes. I always did my shopping between 4 and 6 in the afternoon and the malls were never crowded. Everyone was home for dinner.

The quills may not help with blood testing but boy they sure can help with shots. I used to keel over when my blood was tested but now I make it through every time. Knock on Quills.

Interesting information about the motor running and whales. I sure didn't know that. And the few times we had whales on the Oregon coast they didn't do any harm. Just showed off.