Thursday, December 13, 2012

Good News & Fun Stories.

Seminars are over. At Mom's all day. Back tonight at eight. Then a me day. Good news. So today are good news and fun stories.

The good news:

The fun stories:

The touching Story.

Comment Away.

Mom decided to give her paintings as Christmas gifts this year. For us kids we got to pick one from her stash and then she is going to paint a new one for us. This is the one I picked from her stash:


Lady DR said...

Quick note. So glad you're done with the seminars and have a "me" day coming up.

Didn't check the stories for today.

Love the picture you selected for yourself from her stash. She is so talented.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon and this AM checkin home health care agencies, since Deb was give a list yesterday and told they wanted a decision today. Decision not needed today. Mom's kidney's are in shock, they're trying fluid intakes of various kinds, but if those do more harm than good ('cause the kidneys don't flush properly), they'll move her to new hospital and daily dialysis and see how that goes. It's just been a busy day, with emails, trying to do "daily" stuff, then the info on the kidneys and trying to decide what we do next (which we can't decide until we have more information.

All prayers, white lite and positive vibes are appreciated. I'm afraid I'm a bit obsessed with this situation at the moment.

William J. said...

Of course you have all my prayers and good vibes. I don't see how you could be anything but obsessed with what is going on with your mom. That is normal.