Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shopping & Singing

Going to start my Christmas shopping today. Hey, I am a guy, this is early for our gender.

On the way to the mall and Nordstrom's I am going to listen to some good Christmas music. Sometimes the songs touch my heart and make me cry. Get the tissues out:

Maybe instead of driving to the mall I will hire a driver. Think I should consider the following driver?

Because I am gender-challenged I need ideas. Ideas for gifts. I am kind of wondering if any of the ideas for gifts in the following article will work for me.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

UH, the Christmas shopping delay is not necessarily gender-related, Bill. I've bought one small gift for brother and wife. I do, finally have lists, but getting around to locating items (they're pretty specific) is next up and I'm still missing a couple lists and (hanging head in shame) haven't sent ours out, because anything we need or want is big ticket stuff.I suspect there'll be a lot of trading gift cards again this year, which I think is just silly.

I did look at the suggested gift list, but don't think I'll be opting for any of those.

What a sweet memory for Caden, the song done in his memory and honor. A memory I'll always hold dear is the year I played the piano accompaniment, while our neighbor (on whom I had a slight crush) played the solo on the trombone. There's something about the tone and mellowness of the trombone that makes it perfect for the song.

You know I'm a strong proponent of rescue and shelter dogs, although I'd never give up the years we had with Skeeter. Spook came from the local humane society and Scamper came from a no-kill rescue organization. Neither of them are stupid, by any stretch. In fact, Spook is a purebred spitz. Scamp is a purebred mutt, whose antecedents are as yet undetermined. They're sharp as whips, quick to learn, quick to train (if humans pay attention and are consistent) and highly affectionate. Fortunately, neither of them is big enough to reach the pedals in the car, or I'm sure they'd want to learn to drive!

William J. said...


I'm glad the wait to the last minute shopping gene isn't gender specific. I like gift cards, actually prefer that to almost anything. I feel like I get the gift twice. Once when I receive it and once when I use it.

The only one on the gift that was interesting to me was the gift card for charity.

I loved that the class got together and honored their classmate, it is something they will always remember. I wish I would have been there when you and your neighbor played together. Special.

I always think animals are smarter than we give them credit for, however, if a dog is driving I most likely am walking.


William J. said...

Even though I approved Dona's comment it disappeared so here it is:

From Dona:

I also am far behind in my shopping, although I don't do much, what I need to get done is still on the list. And DR, I agree with you that trying to find the items on said list this late in the game is always a challenge, and I also don't like to give gift cards, to me it does seem silly. But I do like Bill's way of thinking about receiving them.:)

The Dogs driving just makes me laugh and remember all those silly photos of dogs or any animals behind the wheel.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

I would really have a gift card then almost anything. Other than a gift card a winning lottery ticket would be nice.

For some reason your comment made me think of that famous poster where the dogs are playing poker.