Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Continuing The Christmas Spirt

Day after Christmas. The new year is on the horizon. But I don't want to give up Christmas yet so I am continuing the Christmas Spirit:

I think it is possible to stay in the Christmas Spirit all year round, do you?

Some people probably think I am all wet because I want to continue the Christmas Spirit. With lights and all.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Like you, I don't want to give up Christmas. While I usually "take down" Christmas the weekend after New Year's Day, a part of me would like to at least leave the Big Christmas tree and the small on upstair.

What a lovely story about the widow and the vet, What a sad story about what happened to their (her husband's) finances and life. I like her campaign and would willingly support it, especially if we had more than one bedroom. On thought that occurred to me was if one could "match" vets with the elderly who need help to remain in their homes, two wonderful and positive issues would be resolved. The elderly, who are alone, could remain at home and the vets would have a home and, perhaps equally important, a purpose in their lives.

Yes, I'd like to continue the Christmas spirit all year long. One of the songs we've used in previous Christmas line dance shows is about Christmas being love, so let's celebrate Christmas all year long. Wish I could remember the words.

Speaking of Christmas (subtle transition here), if you go to YouTube and search on, I think, Holiday Mall Dance, you'll see a ten minute video one of the dancer's husband's made last Saturday of our flash dance and bits of the show.Look at all the smiling faces and remember - the youngest in the group are 55, most are mid 60's to 70's and some are in their mid eighties, like the lady to my left.

Lady DR said...

Correction - name of video is "Dancing at the Mall."

William J. said...


When I get home from Mom's tomorrow I will look up the video "Dancing At The Mall". I am really anxious to see it.

We always took the Christmas tree down New Year's Day. We usually served breakfast for several people and watched the rose parade.
I woulnd't mind leaving an artificial Christmas tree year round.

What a super idea to match homeless vets with elderly that need help to stay in their homes. Damn I love that idea. Maybe we should think about starting something like that after your book gets published.