Monday, December 3, 2012

Miscellaneous Mondays.

The Spammers are out of control again so comment moderation is back on. The only difference you will notice is that your comment won't appear right away. I just wish spammers would get a life and leave my blog alone. It is a waste of bother their time and mine since none of the spam ends up appearing on the blog. I'm just getting tired of the emails about them.

Ok, on to today's post. A little prayer and good vibes for my mom would be appreciated. She goes to the doctor this morning at nine-thirty. She somehow hurt her leg and it is really bruised. Let's pray and send good vibes her way that it isn't serious.

Interest article. Ever wonder how you would have turned out if you were raised as the opposite sex of what you are:

One of the most popular entries on this blog is when we talked about the elderly going blind. Good news on that front:

How about closing the blog today with a story about loyalty?

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the spammers striking again. I really wish these folks would find a positive outlet for their "talents." I know WordPress has a fairly active spam blocker, which is a third party plug in, I think. Want me to see if I can find more information.

Definitely sending prayers for Mom and hoping the doctor's app'ts went well and she's not seriously hurt.

I was lucky enough to be raised as a girl, but sometimes treated like a boy, when it came to helping on the farm, helping when the sows farrowed, learning about tools and such. It sounds like the mother was doing what she thought was right, based on her own negative experiences.

Good news on the sonar vision research. I wonder if it's something that will help folks with things like MD, as well as congenital vision issues.

I always enjoy happy endings that involve kids and pets, so your last story was a hit with me.

William J. said...


It was curable and nothing seerious.

I was raised as a guy buy also was given cross duties. We all had to do chores and they weren't divided by gender they were divided by who had the time to do them. I cleaned and sister mowed the lawn more than once.

I am hoping the sonar reasearch will help MD and all sight problems. One at a time.

I love animals take care of kid stories.