Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gifts, Stings, & Drivers

I started my Christmas Shopping and got one gift. I have a two day accounting seminar next week so I think I will finish my shopping during those two days. As you know by now nothing is more boring than an accounting seminar. To keep my license I have to go to five days a year of boredom. I've already bought two books to get me through the two day seminar next week. The latest books from Janet Evonovich and David Baldacci. This seminar is near a mall. Fred Meyers, Target, Sears, Safeway are all near this seminar. So I figure if I get tired of reading I can sneak out to shop and get back in time to sign the very important attendance sheet.

Found an article that is sure to help me. What not to buy.

I don't agree with them about gift cards, I do, however, agree about grave plots.

Interest information the police obtained from a sting:

Makes you proud to be a shopper.

What do you think of older drivers? Dangerous, right? Think again
Off to Mom's until Saturday night at four.

Comment Away.


dona said...

Glad you have a plan for your shopping,Sounds like enough places to find what you are looking for, but I do hope no one from your seminar group reads your posts or you could be in trouble. ;)

On the worst gifts, I agreed with most except for the socks, which honestly I would love for some new socks and I know my dad loves to get them, (but he is different, as he just doesn't want to spend the money for himself!) And I do know that some like the gift cards, I just don't like to give them it does seem a bit impersonal.

I would also like to think that most people would do the right thing, trouble is that most people disappoint me.

Older drivers? Touchy subject. I have to only speak from my experience with my Aunts and mostly my dad. Dangerous.

William J. said...


I keep a low profile at the seminars. There are 400 people there so it is easy to hide.

I also disagree about the socks. One store here has an annual sock on Black Friday. It is a hit, people start planning for it weeks in advance. I wouldn't mind getting socks.

The last two have one commen theme, depends on the person. There are honest folks and not so honest folks. And there are good elderly drivers and not so good elderly drivers.


Lady DR said...

Good job - we're even on Christmas presents. I reviewed the lists I've received from family. Most are budget breakers, so much as I dislike gift cards (seems like just exchanging money), that may be the way I go, then try to find something personal to tuck in with them. Good luck on sneaking out of the seminar. I agree with the list of what not to give, although I may make exceptions for gift cards and am seriously considering a holiday bucket of popcorn and other "football game" treats for bro and his wife.

I'm encouraged by the results of the sting. I think people are basically good. Hopefully, they'll continue to reinforce that idea.

The article on senior drivers was interesting, seeing the numbers drop and some of the "assumed" reasons for same. I suppose a lot of it is recognizing our own limitations and compensating for those, be it slower reflexes, vision issues and the like.

William J. said...


Mom used to give us buckets of popcorn for Christmas and we loved it. I wish she was still doing it.

I'm also very pleased of the results of the sting but it didn't really surprise me because like you I think people are basically good.

I think that is true in all area of life, recognizing our limitations and adjust accordingly. Whether it is driving or walking.