Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another World

Be home from Mom's about five tonight. We had a good two days and nights. She painted her buns off. I went frame shopping and got her a bunch of stunning frames. I am really glad she is painting again. Mom normally doesn't do potraits she is a flowers, beachscape, farmscape, and landscape kind of girl but I asked her to paint a potrait for me. She is going to give it a shot. I admire her willingness to try at 96.

Sometimes when I am at Mom's house I feel like I am living in another world. Makes me wonder if ours is the only world:

I think people are living in another world if they think I am going to pay fifty bucks for crappy coffee. I wouldn't pay a penny for it. Nor would I drink it.
  And I also think people are in another world if they think men and women think the same and see things the same way.

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Lady DR said...

Bill, I continue to be so pleased and excited about your mom's renewed interest and enjoyment in her painting. Wow - a portrait? Those are really tough.

Not sure what to think about the alternate universes, although I know they've been studied for years. I'm not telling anyone I know - most would be terrified or appalled that there's another one of me running around anywhere, regardless of how distant.

The study on men and women is not big surprise. I think, not only do we look at different parts of any image, picture or just our surroundings, but we interpret them differently. While two people may share the same values and priorities and such, each can look at the Grand Canyon and have a totally different impression. I think this is true of any two people (beauty is in the eye of the beholder), but especially two different genders. The think about the eye contact makes sense to some degree, I guess, especially in situations with strangers.

William J. said...


Mom painting is sure making her days go faster.

I would also be terrified if there was another one of me running around out there.

The study didn't surprise me either. Your example of the Grand Canyon is interesting. Seeing it has never interested me yet my sister would love to go there.