Thursday, December 20, 2012

Justice, Crossing Guard, & Feeling Good

Last night at Mom's until Tuesday. Will be a lot of days, afternoons, and early evenings there but no nights until Tuesday. I'm really having a good time with Mom.

Today we are doing good stories. First one is justice for a McDonald's employee:
Nobody can say I am being catty with the following story because it is so darn charming. A creature of habit:

Let's end the day by feeling good with feeling good stories.

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Lady DR said...

Great feel-good post, Bill. Glad you can have fun with Mom and still have your nights free.

It seems to McD's keeps finding itself in really silly situations that end up in lawsuits. Do we have a management issue?

Loved the story on the cat. Maybe the "black cat" theory helps stop motorists?

The feel good stories were just that. A nice way to end the day and move into the evening.

William J. said...


I just wanted to feel good yesterday. Mom and I always get a lot done. She usually is healthier when I am there because she does things.

I think MCd's definitely has a management issue. They are to set in stone and don't have the ability to be flixible and adjust company policy to specific situations.

Interesting point about the cat stopping motorists because she is black.

Loved all the top feel good stories of 2012.