Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Troubling Tuesday

First day at an accounting seminar. Two days of boredom. It troubles me to have to go to these trying things to keep my license. Troubling it is. To honor my first of two days of boredom we are doing Troubling Tuesday.

A local story that just makes you shake your head:


What would you do with the boys? Because of their ages and Oregon law the police couldn't arrest them and had to return them to their parents. I'm not usually one to blame parents but this sure smacks of a bad family environment. I also wonder where else they god have gotten the gun but home. Here is what I would do:

1. Parenting classes at the minimum for the parents. A fine or community service would be in order for them.

2. A night in jail with gang members to scare the hell out of the kids. (kids would be monitored)

3. Make them attend three or four funerals of those that were killed with guns. So they can see the impact
    on the families.

4. Make them visit wounded soldiers in the hospital.

What would you do?

Once in a while secrets are good but this is a troubling secret:


Closing with an article that just makes me happy that I am self-employed.


Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Did you manage to sneak out for some Christmas shopping? If you had an iPad, you could shop online and they'd think you were taking notes (g).

The local story is very troubling. What would I do? First, I wouldn't have returned the boys to their parents, particularly since the one tried to run away and police had to bring him back. This all smacks of a less than ideal home environment. Not sure about the jail time or funerals, but I think a trip to a couple morgues, where they see the results of irresponsible gun use, maybe even watch an autopsy, might be beneficial in bringing reality home. I also think mandatory attendance at a concealed carry class or at least a gun safety class might be in order, especially if they have an instructor like I had and it's an intensive twelve hour course. I say this for two reasons. One is that it brings home just how much damage a gun can do and slaps you up side the head with the fact that if you're going to pull a gun, you better be ready to use it AND be willing to face the consequences. Another reason is if there are guns in their home, to which they have access, they need to know all the safety precautions.

The bottom line is, I think there's a lot more to this story. Where and how did they get the gun? Why were children that young trying to steal a truck, money and/or cell phone? I suspect it boils down to the home environment and I think social workers need to be involved immediately. Again, I question whether the boys should ever have been returned home, rather than taken to social services.

Couldn't get into the second article - got the dreaded "404 Error" message.

As to the last article... yeah,I'm real glad I work for myself in today's work/corporate environment. Granted, you owe your employer work during the hours you're being paid, but in the real world, when other offices have the same hours as yours, employees have always used "office time" to take care of issues like making medical app'ts, checking with their banks or other agencies and the like. I think the most disturbing is the fact an employer can fire you for what you do on your own personal time. Unless you're showing up drunk or stoned for work or engaged in proven illegal activities, what you do from 5:00 pm to 8:00 am is nobody's business but your own.

William J. said...


Finished David Baldacci's FORGOTTEN and did get a little shopping in.

A follow up story indicated the 11 year old boy is a bully and has been in trouble several times before. His dad doesn't recognise the trouble and havoc his boy is causing. The law doesn't allow for a 11 year old boy to be confined. However, there is a possibility the child services will take the boys away from the parents. I do think gun safety classes are in order for the household and I would ban guns from the household until they could pass several tests. And I would return the boys home until the parents had passed parenting classes.

I'm with you, I don't think the boys should have been returned home but the cops had no choice. That is the only thing they could do under the law.

Sorry about the second article, because of the seminar didn't have time to fix it.

I completely agree with you on the last article. I do think, however, that in some positions your boss should be able to fire you for things done outside of work. A coach with child porn on his personal computer at home would be an example.