Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Miracles.

This is after dinner. It is proof that everyone survived my cooking.

Grayson (Grover's grandson who returned from missing this year), Greg and Angela Dahn (Grover's son and daughter-in-law), Paul, Katie's boyfriend, Katie Dahn (Grover's granddaughter), and my Mom. I took the picture.

Kids and Santa makes a fun Christmas:


Christmas is for miracles.

Miracle Number One.


Miracle Number Two:


Back to Mom's for the next few days. I hope your Christmas day is filled with miracles!


Lady DR said...

Great picture, Bill, What a good looking family! I'm so glad you were all able to get together last evening.

Funny notes from the kids. I'll be whomever opens the letter sent to the North Pole could put together quite a book.

The story about the Long Island family was really touching. They were battling such challenges, including their son's illness. What an angel the "donor" is and so are those working for him, who are donating or discounting their time and materials. It renews one's faith. What a wonderful holiday it turned out to be for the family.

The information about the music and dementia patients doesn't really surprise me and I hope it's something the medical community will follow up on and make use of. I've seen it happen.

When our line dance group goes to nursing or assisted living facilities, we often see patients with Alzheimer's/dementia. When we come in, they're slumped in wheel chairs, seeming to be asleep. We intentionally use old standards for many of our shows for holidays and we do an Elvis show, as well. On more than a few occasions, since I usually dance in the front row, I've seen patients go from seemingly asleep to nodding their heads with the music, tapping their toes, grinning back at us as we sing and dance. After the show, these same folks are the ones who reach out to hold our hand or accept a hug, when we go wander through the audience. I'm not talking one time, one person, I'm talking consistent reactions from several patients. Sometimes surprised reactions from the aides attending them, who say they've shown no interest in anything for months or longer. It's one of the reasons we leave feeling so good. They give us so much more than we give them. I sincerely hope this research will continue and expand. Maybe we could start a campaign - an ipod or MP3 for every Alzheimer's patient.

William J. said...


I love the idea of an ipod or MP3 for every Alzheimer's patient. Also love the joy that your line dancing group brings to them. I would love to be there when you perform at a memory care or nursing facility.

The story of the Long Island family is what Christmas is all about. Sharing and making a difference in someone's life.

And the kids always make me laugh.



Thank you for the nice comment about the picture,